Month: June 2022

Often my podcasts include examples of LOA lessons I’m still learning myself, and the most recent one is no exception … In this episode I shared how I consciously called in an abundance of water as we began yet another year of extreme drought conditions, and how my property has been deluged with water ever
“An important thing for everyone is to think about the world and society as us instead of me and to try to act that way and to think longer term. Think about how the things one does affects the people around not only right away but down through the years.” — Edward O. Thorp Edward
साबर मंत्र विज्ञान:  विश्वास किया जाता है कि जहां साबर मंत्र की उत्पत्ति मानव की  सभ्यता से हुआ है उसका मुख्य कारण है कि शाबर मंत्र प्रयोग प्राचीन कालीन जनजातियों  से लेकर संत महात्माओं तक और अशिक्षित से लेकर शिक्षक व्यक्तियों तक पाया गया है।  साबर मंत्र का विज्ञान और इतिहास इसका प्रयोग तो पहले
This week we talked with Betsy Lambert, an alternative healer and emotional health coach with a diverse set of knowledge and modalities to help her clients. Check out the interview to know more about Betsy, including a life-changing experience that later presented her to energy healing. You went through an interesting life-changing experience. Please share
Virasana, or Hero Pose, is a version of kneeling in which the buttocks rest on the floor between the feet. Some people find this easy and comfortable, while others feel unpleasant strain… or cannot bring their sit-bones to the ground at all. Why Virasana Can Be Challenging The joints most challenged by Virasana are the
Illustration via 99designs “We are consciousness. You’re not your body. You have a body, but it’s not who you are. You’re certainly not your thoughts. Oh, my God. If you were your thoughts, we’d be in trouble. They keep changing anyway, one opinion to another. And you’re not your emotions. They come like the tide
Susan Saloom from Natural Healing & Biomagnetism is a Reiki & Seichem Master/Teacher who has been an energy healer for over 20 years, trained in Biomagnetism, EFT ‘Tapping’ and Meditation. In this interview, Susan tells MysticMag about her journey with insights into the practice of Biomagnetism and benefits with key advice to develop and maintain a