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Change Your Home – Change Your Life, With Vicky Sweetlove

This week, we had the opportunity to speak with Vicky Sweetlove from Feng Shui Life. She was happy to share some information regarding the services she offers, Akashic Record Readings, and Feng Shui.

What is your profession and what services do you offer?

I am a Feng Shui consultant, Akashic Records consultant, and teacher in both these subjects. I also teach people about earth energies, dowsing and carry out space clearing of peoples homes this is my passion.

It is just a name as a horse whisperer for what you do I listen to the vibrations of the earth what the elementals, the spirit of place, and the land tell me of its trauma, of what it needs, and the offerings you need to give it to bring balance.

What kind of entities and elements do you work with?

I work with the alchemy of the land the magic of the land elementals, nature spirits, the dryads the tree spirits, and the guardians of place, this is what the old Celtic traditions were to listen to the land, nature, the elements of the air, earth, water, fire and the spirits of the land.

I teach my students how to locate the guardians at the entrance to public spaces, their homes, and offices, looking to see what and who is dominant in the landscape, whether it be a small bush or a large oak tree, or the brightest roses shouting out to you.

You can only pass and see and hear what “the spirit of place” tells you when you ask for permission to enter into that dimensional world. then you see the faces in the trees, on the stones, in the blades of grass, then the land speaks to you and everything has a voice and a story to tell.

We heard that you do the Akashic Record Readings. Could you tell us more about it?

In the akashic records when I give readings it is about the magic of transforming the story of what happened in childhood, family DNA, or possibly a past life that changes the story and patterns that happen in this life.  Reading the akashic records of a place gives another dimension to the artifacts that are on show to the general public as my students and me are shown a different version of events with signs and synchronicities within the buildings we visit or on our journey to get there and on the way from there. When you are open in the akashic records of a place it is like you are transported into a different dimension and your senses are more awakened to what really happened.

When I teach these weekends, many students have insights into their own lives and what they see hear, and feel can relate to what they need to know to shift something in their lives or notice the synchronicities which help to move them into a positive place.

On one weekend we visited a museum of music one part of the house was 60s era and the other was from the late 1880s when you combine the earth alchemy with the akashic records you can learn to read the energies of time and space and the energy of what that time period was like and the life they led in that time and you can ask to be shown “is there anything I need to know” and then the answers you need will be shown to you in many ways.

For one person they wanted to move house and on this weekend there was a sign “Find your true North” not only did they look North of where they currently lived for a new home but found a home on North Street and it was directly North of where they lived and it had a North front door. What great confirmation.

What usually motivates your clients to seek your aid?

When I am asked by clients to space clear their homes and offices it is usually when there has been trauma to the land, or the property cannot be sold or rented and a lot of geopathic stress-energy lines are caused by renovations and building works and in London, particularly the underground and street digging of the roads can traumatize the land.

As a person can be traumatized if they hurt themselves you have to see the land as a metaphor for the human body and see where the trauma is and ask the “elementals and land spirits” to show you and tell you what needs to be done.  Often this can be with earth acupuncture or pressure point, it can be an offering to the earth done with the ceremony of a space clearing, there will be telltale signs of clutter, broken and cracked windows, and flaking paint on walls, and water problems.

By working with the space clearing element and the land and then working on the personal astrology Bazi charts of the person and the astrology of the person and place with flying stars and where the yearly afflictions are then it is vibrational alchemy the energy magic when it all is balanced and in harmony again.

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