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Working Alongside Spirit Guides with Julie-Sian

Julie-Sian shares her beliefs and experiences and explains how she strives to work towards a positive change in one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness, in an enlightened and ‘out of the box’ manner.

What modality comes naturally to you – your first love?

My very first love is massage. On one of the massage courses I attended, Bali massage, the trainer pulled out an Oracle card. This was my first encounter with the Oracle cards, and I was totally intrigued. I then later took a course in Oracle card reading and this came very naturally to me. The tarot has a set format and so whichever deck you use, you always work with the same format. There are no boundaries with the Oracle cards, and this sits better with me.

What life experiences have impacted your journey the most?

My children have been my biggest life experience. My son has Asperger’s and my daughter had many health problems as a child. I had to learn much patience as in addition to the latter, their father left us and I was left to bring them up alone.
I had to build my life around my children. Due to various events and the movements of my children, and after a long-convoluted journey, I now live in a place where I have never been happier, and it has been this way for almost three years.
I realize that life is an illusion. I have the freedom to work when I like and do what I love to do. However, everything has revolved around my children, the biggest impact in my life, and the most resourceful.

Would you say that the tarot cards or oracle (can) reflect your state of mind at a given moment? (ie. the same theme may vary depending on how you are feeling that week).

Yes absolutely. These cards are a mirror for your life. Sometimes you need confirmation, or you are feeling lost. The cards will give you reassurance or confirmation at this given time. How you are feeling at that moment will most definitely affect the way you interpret the cards. However, the cards may encourage you to dig deeper or may bring other issues to the surface that you may or may not have acknowledged.

Do you believe that meditation is the foundation of any (self) healing practice?

No, I don’t think so because there are so many healing modalities that don’t require meditation as a basis – acupuncture, counseling…
My healing journey started out without meditation. As a foundation meditation is not a necessity, but when you embark on your own healing journey it is one of the things that you bring into your life and it certainly helps you on your way and is a useful tool to access your higher self.

Do we all need guidance to some degree, from our spirit guides or a higher consciousness?

No is my answer again. We all have our guides but there are so many people in the world who are not open to speaking to their angels, fairies or spiritual guides that they go through life and they are fine. However, because we are human beings and have free will, we can choose to believe that there are spiritual guides or not, and we can choose to listen to them or not.
We are constantly seeking approval or guidance whether it be from parents, teachers, or friends, and it certainly does not harm to ask for help. As we get older and connect more with our spirituality and spiritual guides, it is like opening up a portal to additional advice and knowledge. It is a complementary source of reassurance, advice, guidance, and affirmation.
A spirit guide may knock on our door, but unless we invite them in, we will never hear what they have to say. We are mind, body, and spirit, and when we become aware that there is more to life than this solid existence, we can start opening up to our guides, gods and goddesses.
In conclusion, not everybody needs guidance from their spirit guides, but when we start tapping into how amazing our higher consciousness and spirit guides are, why not take advice from these added sources?

What is your preferred method of working to heal or guide?

When I was working physically with someone, up until three years ago, it would have been massage. As one ages and physicality declines, things change and so my main love now is spiritual mentoring, using all kinds of healing modalities therein. I have created my own Oracle deck called Elemental Fairy Affirmation Cards which I love to use with my clients.
People come to me with their dreams and goals, and helping these people achieve their dreams and goals, as a spiritual mentor, is what rocks my world now. How long does this take? It depends on each individual – everyone is utterly and amazingly unique.

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