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The Tarot as a Tool for Divination – John Scarano

The incredibly talented Tarot Master, Reiki Master and Master Numerologist – John Scarano – reveals a small part of his life journey and some of his thoughts on his Master Art, the Tarot.

John, you are skilled at numerous disciplines/modalities..where does one begin to navigate as a prospective client?

I have my own website where an individual can learn about my talents and determine for themselves which talent will fill their need. In some cases, I choose the talent for them that I feel will be most beneficial for their needs.

How and why did your life take this direction?

My mother and sister were very interested in metaphysics and I tagged along with them on their individual spiritual journeys. In the process I became very interested in metaphysics myself.

The turning point in my life came when my sister brought home a Tarot deck that she felt inspired to buy for me. I instantly became fascinated with it and that led me to self-study metaphysical subjects that invariably taught me how to interpret the Tarot card layout for other people.

What can you tell us about Tarot Symbology?

Understanding the symbology of the Tarot card deck is everything when it comes to interpretation. Traditional decks use ancient symbology that escape understanding in this modern age. For example, the sword as a symbol has little meaning for us today because we do not employ it in battle anymore. However, 500 years ago everyone understood the symbolism of the sword. In that time it represented strife, conflict and the resolution of conflict amongst other things. This is the underlying meaning of the suit of Swords in the Tarot deck.

Each Tarot card is an assemblage of symbols that interact with one another to create a specific vibration. And that vibration can be interpreted in as many as 8 or more interpretations for each card.

The Tarot reader is more an interpreter than a clairvoyant. That being said, because of the multiple interpretations of each card the Tarot reader must employ his or her psychic ability to figure out what the correct interpretation is for his/her client. And how each card is linked to one another in a layout.

Would you say a tarot reading offers guidance, reassurance, confirmation, prediction…all of the above?

Definitely all of the above. My readings have guided people, reassured them that they are correct, confirmed what they were unsure of and predicted important upcoming events. I feel validated every time that occurs.

What is “spiritual perfection” and is that something that can be achieved in one lifetime?

We live in the physical plane of imperfection. That is the beauty and the ugliness of it. Anything is possible, good or bad. This imperfection is what creates hope in the human race. It is the hope that things can get better or the outcome of the unknown will be positive. It also spurs us to manifest the things we need.

In our first lifetime we are born with an imperfect soul. We are not aware of the reaction that occurs from each of our actions. This created good and bad Karma that is unbalanced. It takes a lot of lifetimes to balance the good and bad reactions from our actions and that is close to spiritual perfection. A truly spiritual person thinks of everyone else when he or she acts so that the result is positive.

Spiritual perfection is not possible in one lifetime or over many lifetimes because perfection cannot exist in this realm. It would literally tear the fabric of our universe. However, when we have individually evolved through reincarnation to a point in the physical plane where we are near spiritual perfection we will not reincarnate in the physical plane again. Instead, our soul is ready to enter the ethereal plane of perfection upon the death of the last physical body.

Would you describe the symbiosis between you and your partner Cheri Mancuso as a force to be reckoned with?

Absolutely! Cheri and I in combination are very powerful. Cheri has psychic abilities and talents that I do not possess and I have psychic abilities and talents that she does not possess.

I employ symbols to trigger my psychic abilities and Cheri psychically receives symbols from her guides. Therefore, there is no conflict between us. I am never going to be better at what she does and vice versa. So the ego is shed.

Shedding the ego is paramount when employing one’s psychic ability for others. A psychic reading is not about us. So, we have to suspend our egos and interpret what we receive for our client objectively. Trying to outdo one another’s psychic talent would be counterproductive. It would be more about us than our client.

So, our relationship is symbiotic as we are two dissimilar organisms coming together for mutual benefit. And, in this case, for the benefit of others, too.

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