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Manifest Fame Overnight- 369 Method, Affirmations (Success Story)

What is common between Jim Carrey, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, and Ophrah Winfrey?

Other than being famous and successful, they all have one thing in common. They all used the law of attraction to manifest their fame.

Knowingly or unknowingly, they practiced the law of attraction to attract fame and abundance in their life.

Like these people and many more, you can also manifest fame. Whether you want to be a famous TikTok star, or popular Instagram influencer, or a movie star, you can manifest it by practicing the law of attraction.

In this post, you’ll find out how to use the law of attraction to manifest fame. So keep reading.

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Can you manifest fame?

It is certainly possible to manifest fame with the law of attraction.

To become famous and successful, you need to have a positive mindset and attitude besides doing hard work for building your expertise in your field. And practicing the law of attraction will help you have the right mindset and belief system.

Can you guess what separates a successful and famous from a mediocre one?

They both do hard work and know their stuff well. The only thing common among successful people is their mindset and habit of positive thinking.

When you practice the law of attraction, you compel yourself to think positively and expect only good things in your life. By doing so, you’re programming your subconscious mind. 

Once you program the subconscious mind with positive thoughts related to a desire, it immediately begins its work to find the way to manifest your desire. It starts to see opportunities that were hidden before. 

And, when you take action and grab the right opportunities when it comes in a surprising way, you become successful and famous. That’s how you manifest fame using the law of attraction.

How to manifest fame using the law of attraction?

#1 Find why you want to become famous and what for

To manifest anything in life, first, you have to be clear about your goal. You need to be sure what it is that you really want.

Similarly, to become famous and successful, you should have a clear answer to these questions.

  • For what do you want to become famous? 
  • Why do you want to manifest fame?
  • What your’s life will be like after you manifest fame?

Take some time. Answer these questions. Have clarity about your goal and the reason behind it before you move further in the journey of manifesting fame.

#2 Believe that you’ll become famous

The next hurdle you need to overcome to manifest fame is to get rid of a negative belief system.

Your belief system will determine how you think and act. Your current belief system is the result of your experience, knowledge, and influence of your favorite people.

Most of the time, people have a negative belief system that is stopping them from being successful and famous. You can manifest fame until you change your belief system.

So how can you change it then? It is simple. Think positive thoughts and visualize your goal all the time to make yourself believe in the possibility of manifesting fame.

To change belief systems practice these laws of attraction techniques:

  • Visualization: Imagine your future self who is famous now. Imagine what you do, where and with whom you live after you become famous. In short, visualize your life after you manifest fame.
  • Affirmations: Write a positive statement about already being famous in the present tense and tell them yourself repeatedly to believe in them eventually. 
  • Scripting (369 Method): Similar to affirmation, but instead of saying them aloud, write the positive statement about your goal on paper with a pen. Write the positive statement times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times at night before going to sleep.
  • Listening to subliminal: Find a proven and trusted subliminal from YouTube about manifesting fame and then listen to it regularly. Listening to subliminals is a super simple way to manifest.

#3 Focus on your expertise and Take action

If you think you can manifest fame without taking action, then you’re very wrong. To manifest fame or anything for that matter, you need to take action.

By practicing the law of attraction daily, you’ll surely develop the right mindset and belief system needed to become famous and successful. But, you have to work hard to build your expertise in your field.

#4 Have faith

Let me tell you the truth, even if you practice the law of attraction rigorously and persistently, you’re not going to see the result overnight. You have to wait for some time to see any results.

Meanwhile, you have to practice the law of attraction regularly with complete faith in it.

You can’t afford to lose faith in the face of temporary failure. That’s because it is complete faith and persistent action which will lead you to become famous and successful.

#5 Don’t be desperate

I know it is very tempting to look for the result after doing hard work. But, you have to control this temptation.

Like I said before, it will take some time to become a truly famous and successful person.

If you continuously look for the result and don’t see it, you become sad and start to lose faith in yourself and in the law of attraction. It shows how desperate you have become about being famous. It also shows your fear of failure.

So stop looking for the result frequently. Stop doubting the process. Instead, keep practicing the law of attraction and let go of the outcome. Then, you’ll manifest fame more quickly than you can imagine.


To conclude, you can manifest fame using the law of attraction. You just need to follow the right technique and stick with it until you get results without losing faith in between.

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