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So that being said let’s talk about some of the different types of spirituality that exist. Some spiritual beliefs believe in just doing the right thing, like helping others, giving aid to the needy. That is one type of spiritual path but that is not the only spiritual path, but there are also other ways to do things such as some people believe that you need to go inward, you need to search inside yourself and examine the depths of your mind to become a truly spiritual being, that is also another type.

But there are other different types of spirituality, for example some people who are spiritual believe that you must do things that outside the norm, for example change your behaviour, change your way of thinking so that you are more enlightened and what does that mean to be more enlightened? That’s a good question, these people who think you have to be different, they think to be more enlightened means just being different to the normal, as long as you’re different to the normal then you’re more enlightened.

But I would like to say this just being different to what you define normal does not make you spiritual or enlightened either, an enlightened being may act exactly like a normal person except that they would do everything they did with gentleness and with concern and with genuine heartfelt warmth. That could be one way to tell if someone is enlightened, but enlightened beings could also do some very out there behaviour, some very crazy kind of behaviour in certain conditions and make people think they’re something completely different to the normal, that’s true but it doesn’t mean that just because you act differently you are spiritual or enlightened.

Good, now that’s the main thing I wanted to get across – that being spiritual can be many different things and not everyone has to follow the same path. There are many different paths to getting the result and what is the result? The result is to change the way you think, to change the way you feel, and to change the very basis of your mind, the very basis of your mind, that is what a genuine spiritual teacher will teach you.

Ok so this is been a little discussion on spirituality and the types of spirituality and there are more than we could imagine.

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