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How to Manifest Passing Driving Test?

Only about 40-50% of candidates pass the driving test on their first attempt. That’s is the situation in most countries in the world.

The most common reason is? Anxiety and fear of failure.

You can be the best driver, yet you may fail multiple times in the driving test if you don’t control your mindset and belief system. And the law of attraction will help you with that.

If you’re someone who has failed to grab a driving license even on multiple tries, don’t worry. To manifest passing a driving test and get a driving license, all you need is a positive mindset, belief in your capability, and perfect opportunities.

In this post, you’ll find out the answer to how to manifest passing a driving test using the law of attraction.

So keep reading.


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How to manifest passing a driving test?

To manifest passing a driving test, follow these proven steps:

# Find a compelling reason for having a driver’s license

Why do you want to manifest passing a driving test? What does your life look like once you get your driving license?

In simple words, find out compelling reasons for manifesting a driving license.

Once you know why you want what you want, it becomes easy to manifest it.

Your reasons behind your desire will motivate and inspire you to take necessary action to manifest it into reality.

So, find out your reason behind manifesting a driving license before moving further.

#Visualize passing a driving test

I hope you’ve figured out the reason behind your desire to pass a test for a driving license by now. Again, it is very crucial for successful manifestation. So, find out your reasons if you’ve not yet.

Next, you have to visualize giving a trial for a driving license.

Visualize yourself booking a driving test. Then, imagine going to the driving center. Now, you’re sitting comfortably and confidently in the driving seat of a car or motorbike. You have started the engine and waiting for a signal from the examiner to start the test. You’re now driving your car smoothly and perfectly obeying each rule on the way.

You have completed the track and now stopped the car. Examiner is coming toward you to give the result of the test. “Congratulation, you’ve passed your driving test. You’re a very good driver.” Imagine your examiner saying these words after you finish your trial. Then, visualize your driving license in your hand and show it to your friends.

The point here is to visualize giving a driving test and passing it again and again. You want to create a vivid mental image of how your life will be after you pass the driving test and have the driving license.

# Say affirmations to change mindset and belief system

Here are the best affirmations for passing a driving test:

  • I know driving.
  • I enjoy driving.
  • I love driving.
  • I am a confident driver.
  • I am always in control of my vehicle.
  • I am a good safe and confident driver.
  • I am a winner.
  • I find joy and peace while driving.
  • I am calm and at peace while driving.
  • I happily and easily pass my driver’s test.
  • I now have a driving license.
  • I am thankful for getting my driving license.
  • Thank you, Universe for helping me pass my driving test.

Create your own affirmations or repeat these affirmations to yourself every day. Say aloud your affirmations with a positive feeling to program your subconscious mind so that you create a habit of t positive thinking and have a self-empowering belief system.

# Listen to subliminal for quick result

You can find tons of subliminal on manifesting driving license for free on YouTube.

Find the popular and proven subliminals which are also safe to listen to. Then, listen to it every day for at least twenty-one days to reprogram the subconscious mind.

Listening to subliminal is one of the fastest and easiest ways to manifest a desire. That’s become subliminals allow you to bypass the resistance from the conscious mind.

Read also: Best safe Subliminals on YouTube (The Ultimate List)

#Show Gratitude and let go of the outcome

After you’ve done your visualization and affirmations, you want to show gratitude towards the Universe.

Be grateful for everything you have in your life. And, be grateful for passing the driving test and having a driving license even if you don’t have it yet.

Another important thing to do is to stop looking for the result. Don’t get obsessed about the result. Just trust that you’ll pass the test no matter how tough it is and how strict the examiner may be.


It is possible to manifest passing a driving test and getting a driving license using the law of attraction.

Many people have successfully used it to pass their driving tests.

The law of attraction will help you have a positive mindset, a winning attitude, and a strong belief in your ability.

As fear of failure, anxiety, and doubt about oneself is a common reasons for failure in driving tests, having these qualities under your belt can surely help you pass the test.

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