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3 Habits to Break for Better Manifesting

Want an easy way to clean up your vibe for better manifesting?

Drop these three muggle habits and you’ll notice life getting more cooperative to your desires almost immediately!

1. Engaging (or Enduring) Complaint-Fests.

A savvy creator would never start a complaint-fest themselves, right? At least not habitually. (Yes, sometimes we have a bad day and might vent a little here and there. But not habitually.)

Starting them isn’t usually our issue. Where we sometimes find ourselves is politely participating or enduring them when those around us are in rant & rave mode.

It would be ideal to redirect or exit those conversations gracefully and swiftly. But at the very minimum, we can stop contributing to someone else’s gripe session!

Don’t make it your own. Don’t offer your two cents; don’t share your own horror story; don’t back them up in the interests of being amiable.

If it risks the friendship, if it means you stop getting invited, or if they think negatively of you – well done. It is not good for your manifesting game to expose yourself to someone else’s chronic negativity. It takes too big a toll on your vibe.

Solution: You can get radical and tell those you’re in conversation with that you’re “off complaints” the same way you would refuse bread when you’re gluten-free, or the way you wouldn’t subject yourself to second hand smoke when you’ve got asthma. Take it that seriously because someone else’s habitual complaining can deter your dreams come true.

Insider Secret: The more you clean up your own thinking habits, the less you experience the negative rants of others. It’s a vibrational thing. So if you notice a lot of complaining going on around you, maybe do an internal check to see if there’s anything to work on inside first.

Side Note – Be on alert that sometimes these complaint-fests show up in forms you might not immediately recognize, like the Netflix series you’re bingeing, or the negatively toned podcast you’re a regular listener of, or the news site you check every morning. If it’s got a consistently negative tone, it’s worth reconsidering your exposure.

2. Making Up Bad Excuses. 

When we’re declining an invitation or opting out of an event, sometimes we automatically offer a reason that isn’t true or helpful.

Like when we say we’re not feeling well or can’t find a babysitter, or don’t have the money, or we’re too busy or don’t have the vacation time – when the truth is we just don’t want to!

But we think that’s not appropriate to say to our sister-in-law or boss or neighbor, so we make up an excuse that isn’t true or helpful.

(Even if it’s true, it’s still not helpful to reiterate anything we don’t want more of.)

Solution: We don’t actually have to justify our choices to anyone. It’s perfectly fine to say, “No, thanks” or “Not right now, but I appreciate you thinking of me,” and leave it at that. No reasons required.

OR, even better, you could make up fabulous excuses! Let’s at least be as creative at making up great stuff as we are making up unwanted stuff!

Insider Secret: Just being more deliberate in our word choice can make a positive vibrational difference. Instead of, “I can’t afford it” (even when that’s a legit reason) we can instead say, “I’m not spending money on that right now.” A simple wording change can move us out of disempowered victim mode into empowered choice.

3, Rehearsing Worst Case Scenarios.

I know I’m not the only one who does this, because I heard from many of you after publishing this episode.

That’s when we find ourselves imagining problems that might arise, reasons it won’t be good, or some other version of things not working out.

Regardless of why we have a habit of entertaining visions of things going wrong, it’s worth creating a new routine for ourselves. That takes conscious effort to retrain our habits of thought, but it’s work worth doing!

Solution: When we notice we’re dialed on what might go wrong, replace that gloom and doom outcome by entertaining scenarios of how it could go right. Maybe use a question prompt like, “What would I love to see happen?” or “What could go right?”

Because whatever we imagine, we’re pre-paving our future to be.

Insider Secret: It’s worth remembering that we’re not playing games of prediction when we entertain different possible outcomes. We’re actually creating them. All the more reason to get better visions in place!

You might have different habits that will give you more bang for the buck when you change them. But whatever they are, because they’re habitual, they’re worth replacing!

Find the habits that aren’t serving your manifesting game and swap them out with new ways of being or thinking to support your dreams come true!

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