Dark Secrets of Cheiro Numerology That’ll Make Your Hair Stand on End

Cheiro Numerology : For a decade I have been practicing Numerology and other modalities of occult science.

I found different methods and therapies which make human life smooth and easy to live. Numerology, which is basically a science of vibrations in numbers and letters, helps you to understand your inner psyche and gives you a clear pathway to success.

But the majority of the people in this world understand numerology as a future predictive tool which is to some extent true but that does not mean that numerology alone is only a powerful system for peeping into the past and future.

In Numerology as i says in previous blog, it is divided into many modalities and system as such :








What is Cheiro Numerology?

But after going through so many books on Numerology, I have found the term Cheiro Numerology. Many people ask me whether I teach Chaldean Numerology or Cheiro Numerology. Well, there is no such system as Cheiro Numerology.

Cheiro who was better known as Louis Hamon Count , a renowned Palmist and Numerology who re-invented the art and science of occult science especially numerology, astrology and palmistry to western world.

Cheiro used to follow Chaldean System in Numerology which is said to be the oldest system among Hebrews. There is nothing like Cheiro Numerology in these modalities. 

He had written many books on Numerology, Palmistry which mentioned numerology calculator, chaldean numerology and chart but there is no such evidence that he himself invented or discovered any system in occult science.

As far his prediction and accuracy in Numerology and Palmistry is as truthful as God. Let me recite one story from the book of great numerologist Mr.M Kattakkar who has mentioned about Cheiro Life and his work.

The famous palmist and numerologist, ‘Cheiro’ had predicted in 1925 the partition of India. Could there be only a chance that these various predictions have come true?

This famous Cheiro has narrated in his biography one incident about the Chinese Tablets. At a very old age Cheiro decided to retire and chose to lead a very secluded life. One day he simply disappeared and nobody knew his whereabouts. 

However, on one occasion some Russian monks required his assistance and guidance on some very important problem but they could not succeed in finding him. 

Finally they chose to visit China and consult some experts who were the masters of the magic of the Tablets. With the help of the Tablets, the Chinese experts informed the Russian monks that they would find Cheiro in South America in a cave, and that he would be having a statue of Buddha with him. 

After a strenuous search, the Russian monks finally arrived at a cave which, they thought, could be the place where Cheiro was residing. They stood in front of the cave and enquired loudly whether there was anybody inside.

An old and frail-looking man came out and enquired what they wanted.In order to ascertain that the old man was Cheiro himself, the monks just asked him whether he had a statue of Buddha. 

Surprisingly enough, the old man answered in the affirmative. Convinced, the monks said ‘then you must be Cheiro’, and he was Cheiro.

Let me know how you found this blog on Cheiro Numerology?


Nirav Hiingu

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