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Supporting those in need with free medical advice and treatment

A free medical camp can be a life-saving program, aiming to provide free medical and surgical services to poor communities living in rural or urban areas. A mobile team of medical practitioners travel to the area, providing free medical advice and medicine to those in need. These camps make sure people are getting healthcare at the right time, and seeing the doctor early enough before a small health problem turns serious.

A member of the Insight Timer team in India, Piyush Kukadiya, saw an opportunity to help his community and organized a free medical camp to help the patients visiting his wife’s medical practice. Jay Clinic is a speciality medical clinic located in Surat, India. They see patients with a wide range of needs, many of whom require medical attention or pharmaceutical medications to treat their illnesses. Many of the patients she was seeing were coming to the clinic for a medical consultation but were then unable to afford the cost of the medicine they required. Together with the Insight Timer team in India, Jay Clinic was able to host two free medical camps, one in the village of Kakadveri and another in Surat.

Free Health Check-Up Camp in Surat, India

On March 20th, 2022 a free health check-up camp was set up in Surat at the government provided residence, Suman Mandir, home to people from all over India who come to the area for work. 

With the support of the Insight Timer team, the medical staff from Jay Clinic were able to see 120 patients for consultation, providing treatment to those in need and distributing 500 sanitary pads to women who otherwise would not be able to afford them. They were also able to offer an ongoing discount for those needing medical support and supplies.

Free Health Check-Up Camp in Kakadveri Village, India

On April 3rd, 2022 in a village 100 kms outside of Surat, the medical team from Jay Clinic, along with Piyush, Hetal Patel and Viral Lathiya from our Insight Timer India team traveled to set up a second free medical camp. 

The village is home to a number of people with more limited access to medical care and the team were able to provide consultation, sanitary pads and glucometer kits to those in need. They saw almost 80 patients seeking consultation and were able to distribute another 500 sanitary pads. With our help, the team were able to provide their patients with the medical care they needed.

“It was a wonderful experience helping people and seeing the joyful faces around us.”

– Piyush Kukadiya

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