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3×3 Manifesting: My Favorite Formula

3×3 Manifesting is my personal favorite formula for creating what I want.

It’s a compilation of different LOA methods and techniques I’ve played with over the years that has naturally evolved into my optimum practice.

Maybe it will be yours, too …

It’s helped me create new love interests, amazing body improvements, higher cash flow and more work enjoyment, among other things.

I call it 3×3 Manifesting because it invites you to engage 3 ways of aligning 3 times each:

  • 3 minutes of imagining what it’s like to have what you want
  • 3 ways of feeling that way during the day
  • 3 things you loved most about the day

Here’s each element in more detail …

First: 3 minutes of having what you want before the day starts.

This is where you mentally rehearse what it’s like for your dream or desire to be a done deal. It’s like fast forwarding in time to experience the happy end result in your mind’s eye.

I like to do it first thing in the morning in bed with eyes closed while just waking up. Think of it as Nevillizing your dream – where you assume the wish fulfilled. You’re imagining it like it’s done.

It sets a powerful vibrational tone for the day!

Whatever the feeling-tone of your visualization is, that’s the vibration you want to touch later in the day in the second part of this manifesting formula …

Second: 3 ways of feeling that way now sometime during the day.

With this step of the formula, you’re not relying on your manifested desire to feel what you want. Rather, you’re finding everyday opportunities to feel that way now.

Whatever the vibration of your visualization was, look for at least three ways to feel that during the day.

For example, if my morning visualization has a vibrational theme of “Ta da!” then I’ll look for ways to feel some sort of “Ta da!” in my day. It might be when Winston answers a recall command, or when the UPS guy delivers the package early, or when I had just enough almond milk left for a bowl of cereal.

Or if the morning visualization felt like “Woo hoo!” then I’m looking for ways to feel “Woo hoo!” in the day. Or if the vibrational tone of the visualization was satisfaction with the words of “It’s happening!” ringing in my head, then I’m looking for ways to feel satisfaction and to notice “It’s happening!” throughout the day.

Again, these opportunities to feel that way now can be (and often are) totally unrelated to your desire.

All you’re doing with this element is making sure you’re a vibrational match to having what you want. (You can’t receive or experience what you’re not the vibration of.)

Then it concludes with …

Third: 3 things you loved most about your day.

This is where you reflect on your day and name your three favorite parts of it. It’s a way of priming your brain to focus on what’s going right. It activates appreciation and that puts you in good vibrational territory for dreams come true.

I like to do it as I’m drifting off to sleep (appreciation is a super cool state to sleep in), but you might enjoy sharing with your partner over dinner or writing in a gratitude journal at the end of the day.

Try to name different things each night, or at least not get in a rut of picking the same three things every night. (Just to make sure your appreciation habit doesn’t become rote.)

Do this every day for as long as you want to build momentum toward your dream come true. (My experience has been that when I stop the practice, the momentum gradually dwindles.)

The reason this formula works so well is because:

  • it activates the powerful manifesting ingredients of alignment and appreciation
  • it acclimates you to your desire over time
  • it doesn’t require a lot of time each day
  • it doesn’t require devices or tools so you can do it anywhere anytime (no pen and paper needed, no meditation audio to listen to, etc.)
  • it can be totally private (no sticky notes for roommates or guests to read, no script you have to speak out loud)

3 minutes, 3 ways, 3 things. It’s easy to remember and fun to play with!

It works especially well for me because I don’t get bored with it, plus it’s a light manifesting touch but is still enough to stay vibrationally engaged.

We’ve been playing with it at Good Vibe University (with a group call and a daily tracking document to report our progress), which members can check out here.


Q: How long do I have to do it before something happens?

A: If this feels like a “have” to do, I’d suggest playing with a different technique. If it’s not fun or enjoyable, it won’t help. Find something else that feels more fun if this feels like a chore instead of a treat.

But the answer is you should get immediate results. When you feel uplifted or excited from engaging the three minute visualization or content from reflecting on your favorite parts of the day, that’s the first manifestation. The upgraded emotion is a sign it’s working. Everything unfolds in your reality according to your vibration, so when you feel better, something’s happening!

I’ve personally noticed that physically manifested results are usually showing up within two weeks of starting this practice. There is usually some sort of sign of movement or manifestation in the 3D reality within several days of consistently engaging this formula.

Q: Can I just do it once instead of repeating it every day?

A: Give it a try and see what happens! Some classic LOA teachers are known for saying repetition isn’t necessary.

I haven’t found that to be the case when it comes to my biggest and boldest desires, but your mileage may vary! 🙂

Q: What if I have more than one desire I want to manifest?

A: Feel out what feels best to you. You might be able to work them in together (combine them in your morning activation), or you could do this process once for each desire, or you could just pick one knowing that the other will benefit as well even when you’re only focusing on one.

(I shared in the GVU forums my experience when I had two desires I couldn’t easily and enjoyably focus on at the same time, so I picked one that quickly got results with the other subject, too.)

Q: Why three minutes?

A: It doesn’t have to be three minutes, but that’s usually how long it takes me to “get the click,” as Florence Scovel-Shinn would say. Sixty seconds of feeling your desire as a done deal is plenty to get motors revving, but even 17 seconds of pure positive thought is all Abraham says it takes to activate the thought.

Q: Could I just do all three elements at once and be done with it for the day?

A: Le’ts not. The point of spreading these pieces out throughout the day is to condition yourself vibrationally. The point isn’t to get them done and check it off as soon as possible like it’s a chore to finish. The point is to entrain yourself to the vibration of success, whatever success feels like to you. The regular and consistent repetition is key for that.

So let yourself have fun playing with this formula throughout the day. And be willing to tweak it in whatever ways make it more enjoyable for you! That’s where this came from in the first place – me hacking the instructions other teachers passed on to me. Let it evolve for you in whatever ways serve you best!

(For example, on some occasions when I had a crappy day that didn’t feel like it had any opportunities to “feel that way now,” instead I’ll name three reasons to believe this desire will manifest. Or I’ll find three gremlin thoughts to pivot. A fellow creator at GVU reported she doesn’t enjoy naming three favorite parts at the end of her day, so she just repeats the morning visualization at night.)

Q: What if I forget to do one of the things during the day?

A: No big deal, just pick it up again as soon as you can. Having some sort of reminder can be helpful until this becomes habit for you. (That’s one reason why doing it as a group at GVU has been helpful for those new to it, because the tracking doc helps us make it a habit.) But you can just use a phone reminder, sticky note, manifesting buddy or whatever helps you engage a new practice.

I hope you enjoy my favorite manifesting formula!

If you’ve got other questions, post them below. And let me know how it serves you if you decide to play with 3×3 Manifesting!

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