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A Magical Guided Meditation For Relaxation

Continuing The Guided Meditation For Relaxation

 Ok now the next step in this guided meditation for relaxation is this, open even more allow your mind, allow your mind to open, allow your consciousness to become like a beautiful lake, imagine your consciousness is a beautiful lake. The lake is still, the lake is peaceful, the lake has no turbulence at all, feel a sense of your mind and the lake being the most beautiful peaceful divine peace. Really really feel this I want you to relax for about 3 or 4 minutes and just as you relax truly realise your mind is the most beautiful peaceful lake.

Ok good now want you to start to go deep, I want to go deep deep deep, imagine you’re going down into the lake, imagine you go down beneath the surface, as you go deeper you reach the most sacred part of your being, imagine you enter the temple of your kingdom, the temple of your divine power, the most powerful place inside you is where your true self lies. Feel a sense of you coming into contact with your true divine consciousness, your true divine power, have a sense of what this self looks like, have a sense of this true part of yourself. What does it say to you? I want you to relax and listen as your true self opens and send you a message, listen to the message of your true self allow the message to flow through you and feel a sense of being at one with your highest consciousness.

Good now open your heart and say I love you, open your heart and say I love you, you say it to your true self, say it to God, say it to Archangel Michael, say it to Uriel, say I love you and feel a sense of love coming back. As you say I love you feel a sense of these beautiful entities these beautiful consciousness is returning love to you.

Ok now I want you to do this, every time you breathe in I want to imagine your heart grows bigger every time you breathe in your heart grows bigger do that for a few minutes.

Finally I want you to breathe out and on the out breath as I want you to imagine love flows from you to every single person you ever met, imagine on the out breath love goes to every person you ever met, do this for a few minutes.

Beautiful now you have met your true self, now you have even deeply open the heart, even more deeply. We hope you enjoyed this guided meditation for relaxation. So I am complete and I love you.

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