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Isis was known as the Red Queen:

The flowing “wines” of Isis have magical virtues equated with the menstruation of a woman. While the idea of drinking the living menstrual blood of the goddess may be anathema to us now, a cold chalice is no replacement for the hot body of a priestess possessed by the goddess. This is the “iron resurrection” that swings around as dependably as the Moon.

Isis was associated with the Ouroboros, an ancient image of a snake eating its tail that came to symbolise the divine feminine. The Ouroboros could be drawn as a “twisted circle” or the figure eight:

The symbol above implicitly includes the π ratio which is the height of the figure compared with its length. Once upon a time, this symbol of infinity reflected the analemma which in turn informed the Ankh. When we look at Giza from above, we see this pattern writ large. Isis was also called the Throne Goddess, a reference to the golden mean rectangles that give birth to Fibonacci spirals in the desert.

The wings of Isis are those of a black kite, a bird of prey that surveys the land in circles and figure eights looking for victims to recycle back into the natural order. Birds are also associated with divinity and the Holy Spirit is often depicted as a bird, Isis.

According to Egyptian legend, Isis was the Iron Maiden who demonstrated the most heka (the creative energy of the universe) of all the gods. Not only could Isis resurrect the dead (Osiris) but She could also grant immortality to humans. Finally, Isis was the goddess of wisdom since for the Egyptians knowledge was power.

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