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Very good now I want you to do this, begin by relaxing as deeply as you can. Relax relax relax, ok from this place of relaxation I want you to really really wish for one thing, I want you to wish for one thing. It could be someone you want to have in your life, it could be the kind of situations you want in the future, or it could be something happening in your world that you’ve been waiting for for a very long time.

Good now from that place I want you to imagine something happening, I want you imagine how this could come about, just see a possible way in which this situation could emerge, have a sense of this really happy and really believe believe that it’s happened truly believe it.

Once you really believe that this is happening and this is real now you call upon someone higher than you to help make this really happen. So the process is this, first of all deeply open your heart, again open your heart as deeply as you can and call upon me Jesus, you can call upon Jesus or you can call upon God or you can call upon any divine being that you feel particularly close to. So call upon your highest angelic guide.

Now imagine your guide is right with you, right next to you standing right shoulder to shoulder with you and now you say this guide “dear guide please manifest this wish please make this wish come true and please bless me with success, love, money and outcomes that I wish for.”

Now you just imagine the guide says to you “yes I will create this, it may take 5 years, it may take 2 years or it may take 3 months, but it will happen.”

Good so that is a simple manifestation that you can learn, if you do this a few times, three, four, five times or even 10 times if you do this a few times over it’ll grow in strength.

And that is how you begin to learn how to manifest.

Thank you.

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