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The Universe Delivered—But How Do I KNOW It’s My Dream?

Dear Boni,

I have been amazed (in both big and small ways) that what I have intended to create has actually come to fruition. At least, I believe that it has. And, therein lies my question.

How does one know when an opportunity arises that it is the one that you wanted to create?

I’ve been in a job for nine years. It hasn’t been pleasant and I’ve had to work on increasing my knowledge and self-confidence as my boss could easily strip one’s worth away with his cutting and derogatory remarks.

Although I feel luckier than most to have had a good paying job for such a long period of time, I have now been offered a new, better paying job in an exciting environment that both challenges and enthuses me.

So what’s the problem?

Well, I feel like it’s the right thing to do (although a part of me does feel bad in leaving a secure environment), however I’ve been a risk taker in the past and sometimes things have worked out and sometimes they haven’t.

I on some level I know I created it—and I do feel excited about it. But I’m afraid of making a mistake. I guess I just want to know if it’s the right thing?

I didn’t ask God or my Higher Self or unseen friends to create something exact. I didn’t even ask for a new job opportunity. I did ask for help with financial abundance, though. But this opportunity is not what I would have ever expected—it’s not even something I would have even thought about.

How could I have created this? How could such an unlikely, unexpected opportunity happen so amazingly without it being a response to something God, my Soul or someone I can’t touch presenting to me?

Confused & Scared (but excited too!)


Dear Excited,

I understand. I too, have wondered, is this THE man? Is this THE job? Is this THE right thing to do?

It can get a bit crazy making—all that wondering and second-guessing.

I believe in your case, there are several things going on, and I’d like to address them one by one. But first…

Congratulations on creating this opportunity!

Creating any opportunity is cause for celebration—be it a possible love interest, job, home, idea…anything really. So many people are quick to jump to: “But…will this be the one?” Don’t go there. Give yourself some time to really let it in—you created this. You.

Own it. Let it be real. Congratulate yourself. Celebrate. Be grateful for it and for the help you received.

The only way you get better at conscious creating is by owning what you do create (good and bad). So don’t rush to “what will happen in the future.” Stay here in the present long enough to let in and “own” your creation.

And then remember…

You don’t have to ask for exactly “the thing” you want to create it

The way creation works, is that you put out the “energy” (feelings about the area of life you want to improve), and the universe delivers the “things” that makes you feel that way. The caveat is, you can’t control what it looks like.

So actually asking for abundance and letting the universe figure how to deliver that abundance (or whatever it is you desire) is the best way to create.

Another thing to remember…

Your unseen friends don’t create your reality—you do

You write, “How could such an unlikely, unexpected opportunity happen so amazingly without it being a response to something God, my Soul or someone I can’t touch presenting to me?”

You, dear creator, are a piece of God. You are a piece of Goddess. You are divine by your very nature. And as a part of that divinity, you have the ability to create your world.

Our unseen friends can help, but we chose to incarnate on a planet of “free will.” And that means that they won’t interfere—unless we ask.

Of course, there is always the possibility of receiving miracles. A miracle is something beyond what you have sought to create. They do happen, and they are gifted to us by our unseen friends.

You asked for abundance, you created it, and your unseen friends may have helped. It is always appropriate to thank your unseen friends for any assistance they may have provided. As my friend Lazaris says, (paraphrasing) “When you create something you don’t like, take full responsibility. When you create something you do like, share the responsibility.”

As to your next question:

Is this the “right” opportunity?

Whether or not this job turns out well depends on one thing—you. You have created this opportunity, Excited. And you will create the results of this opportunity.

Please be sure to hear that. You and you alone will create the results of this opportunity.

So whether the creation is a new job, a new mate, a new location or a new career, it won’t prove itself right, wrong, or mediocre—you will.

So keep your energy, expectations, excitement, and joy flowing. And if you hit a wall, check our your beliefs to figure out how you mis-created.

And one more thing…

Whether or not this lasts doesn’t matter

What! What do you mean whether this lasts doesn’t matter??? Of course it matters!

Actually, it doesn’t. What matters is that you create your desires.

You desire abundance. What if far more abundance is ready and waiting to manifest in your life, but you need just a little bit more self-worth in order for it to come in? You take this job, it raises your self-worth, and at that point you hold the higher vibration necessary to allow another (even better) job offer.

When you stop being attached to the outcome, you can begin to enjoy the journey—no matter how convoluted it may seem—and trust the essence of your desire will manifest.

I hope this helps, Excited!


PS. Our beliefs can get in the way of creating what we truly desire. When we think of ourselves as “less than,” we will keep creating that experience unless we change how we see ourselves.  Our Creating an Abundant Self Image Guided Meditation will help you to shift your self-image to allow you to create and maintain abundance easily and effortlessly.  Abundance is your birthright—you deserve to truly believe in your right to unlimited abundance.

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