Law of Attraction

Cure for Impatience

Feeling impatient for results is a sign we’re out of alignment with the very thing we want.

Whether we’re in a hurry for the money to come, the weight to drop, the love interest to appear, the business to take off, or the job offer to arrive – whatever we’re impatiently waiting on, it’s a signal to Universe that “it’s not here yet” and we need it to be so we can feel better.

That’s a common muggle routine: relying on circumstances to feel good.

Conscious creators don’t roll that way. We lead reality into what we want, rather than thinking reality can do anything other than what we’re signaling it for.

So when we’re feeling impatient Universe hears from us that it’s not here yet and we need it to be, because we’re not chillin’. We’re not enjoying. And it can only match that instruction: “it’s not here, nothing good is happening.” That’s what it makes so.

Which is why impatience is such a signicant obstacle to our manifesting success.

The good news is there’s an easy remedy

Well, there’s more than one remedy, but my favorite one is to just activate appreciation.

When I remind myself that life is already good right now, and I point out a couple specifics to prove it, I shift out of the waiting vibe and into the lovin’ it vibe.

That gives Universe a good signal to work with!

So I remind myself I don’t need this or anything else to change in order to feel better. I can feel better right now just by deciding to. Just by looking around at my fabulous life and remembering how much I like it here already.

And maybe that feels a little like relying on external for internal feelings (when I look at how much I like my dog or my plants or the book I’m reading in order to feel better), but I’ll use whatever’s handy for reminding myself life is already good.

If I can’t see that now, I won’t see that ever. And the truth is I can see that now. Maybe not in every mood, but in most of them, because I’ve gotten really good at spotting what’s going right and what’s here to enjoy already. The more we practice this the better we get.

When you find yourself feeling impatient for something to happen, remember that reality is waiting for your cue. It needs your aligned signal in order to deliver what you want. An easy way to offer an aligned signal is to remember what you already love, appreciate or enjoy in life.

That means we don’t wait for the body to heal before we like it better. We don’t need for the love interest to show up to know ourselves to be lovable. We don’t wait for money to feel free or successful, we don’t rely on client testimonials to know our value …

We don’t wait on reality to feel what we want because reality can only reflect what we’re feeling. We could end up in a permanent waiting game when we rely on reality to change in order for us to feel better.

Reality is waiting on us to make the first move.

And it’s a move you know … what’s going right in your life already? That’s a reliable way to let more success in.

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