Law of Attraction

Reflections on Presence, by Tracy Friend

“What we are looking for is what is looking.” St Francis of Assisi

Presence may be defined as ‘being present with the source part of the mind’.

It is widely discussed about how mindfulness meditation develops presence by developing the ability to mindfully observe whatever is being experienced through one or all of the senses.

Not only does meditation in a very effective way enhance presence but the other Law of Attraction techniques including different methods of focusing on the best in our current experience and positively focusing forward also increase presence by aligning us with the Source part of ourselves.

In meditation by opening up to witnessing what is being experienced, this awareness begins to disintegrate and dissolve any thoughts and emotions that aren’t our true nature. It may be said that this happens by this witnessing mind, source part of ourselves embracing any conditioned parts of the mind that aren’t who we are at our core and when those parts of the mind are fully embraced by the source part of ourselves they dissolve and release back into their true nature.

When we have a depth of presence it could be likened to the calm water in the depth of the ocean that is undisturbed by any currents or waves closer to the surface. It’s not about trying to get rid of any waves on the surface of the water but rather presence allows us to fully experience life whilst remaining in alignment with who we really are which gives us a sense of perspective.

On the surface of our mind if we experience any thoughts or feelings that don’t feel good, with presence we start to realise that this isn’t our true nature and as we develop the ability to calmly observe our experience, we begin to increasingly know the transient nature of experience and that any challenging emotions will therefore pass.

This presence is universal, unconditional and always available. No matter what beliefs the conditioned part of our mind might have picked up, presence remains in a state of unconditional love. As presence is universal as we increasingly experience it through meditation and the different Law of Attraction techniques, we feel greater interconnectedness with ourselves, other people and the world around us.


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