Law of Attraction

We Believe What We Write

I’m not one to believe muggle studies too much, but there is a lot of science behind the power of putting things in writing.

That’s why companies like to get favorable written testimonials from customers about their products. (It isn’t just for the social proof; it’s because we strengthen good feelings about a product after we write something favorable about it.)

It’s why the Chinese got American POWs to write positive things about communism while listing the faults of American capitalism. (Even though the prisoners didn’t necessarily believe it at first, those written thoughts took hold over time.)

It’s why savvy sales managers ask their sales people to put goals in writing.

It’s why unscrupulous companies with high pressure sales tactics like to counter state “cooling off” laws by getting customers to complete their own sales contracts. (People are less inclined to change their mind afterward when they fill out the agreements themselves.)

As psychology professor Robert Cialdini puts it, “… something special happens when people put their commitments on paper: they live up to what they write down.”

I’ve long known that written manifesting exercises are even more powerful for me than scripted or visualized exercises. Whether it’s a pray rain journal entry, or a page of I Am Worthies, or a simple mantra on a sticky note – once I put it in writing, it’s as good as done.

I used to chalk that up to just personal manifesting preference, but after reading about the studies done on the power of writing, I suspect there’s more to it than that.

As conscious creators, we can all harness the power of putting in writing what we’d like to see manifest.

That’s what I propose you do at the start of this new year: write down what you’d like to be celebrating this time next year. Or five years from now.

Commit those dreams and desires to writing, and let the written magic pull them into reality.

You can write it in a private journal, post it as a comment here, or email me a picture of what you’ve written if you feel like sharing. (Although I’d recommend hand writing it instead of just typing it. Studies say there’s a difference.)

But just for fun, however you feel inspired to do it, write down what you want to be true for yourself, your life, your bank account, your body, your business, your love life, or whatever you’d like to see change.

You can do it in any format that feels good:

  • a simple descriptive phrase (“six figure contract with a perfect new client”)
  • a formal “I am” statement (“I am living my dream come true life”)
  • a pray rain journal entry (“It’s so fun to celebrate our first wedding anniversary with a partner I love more every day here in our favorite place on the planet”)
  • a mantra or affirmation on a sticky note (“I am good at feeling good” is on my computer monitor)
  • a thank you letter to Universe for all the wonderful manifestations in 2022 (I did this as part of our year end practices at GVU)
  • a drafted acceptance speech for your professional award (“I’d like to thank the Academy for honoring me with this Oscar”)
  • a to-do list for angels/universal manager of what you’d like them to handle on your behalf (“a fabulous new neighbor; an extra day off; recovering my favorite ring”)
  • a scripted success list (where you write down your favorite things already manifested and tuck in a few favorites to come)
  • or whatever else comes to mind or you feel drawn to play with …

Because there’s something powerful about putting it in writing.

We (tend to) (eventually) believe what we write.

Don’t take my word for it, though. This one’s worth putting into practice to prove it yourself.

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