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How to Manifest Unexpected Money? (Proven Methods)

How to manifest unexpected money in 24 hours? Is it possible? Affirmations or visualization which of these is best for manifesting unexpected money? Let’s find out. 

No matter how many times people tell you that it is possible to manifest using the law of attraction, you won’t believe in it firmly until you have experienced it personally. To really believe, you need to manifest yourself. You need to have first-hand experience of it.

In the beginning, however, you don’t want to manifest a big goal as it will take longer and more effort. Instead, you should try manifesting small and believable goals.

Manifesting unexpected money is one of the simple and believable goals that you should try manifesting at the beginning of your manifestation journey to test your capability of manifesting and to find out whether the law of attraction is real or not.

In this post, you’ll discover the simple yet proven manifestation method to manifest unexpected money as fast as possible.

Ready? Keep reading.


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Can you manifest unexpected money?

It is possible to manifest unexpected money using the law of attraction only when you firmly believe in it. And only when you practice the proven manifestation methods.

Many people have manifested unexpected money using the law of attraction. They have been successful at manifesting a few bucks to thousands of dollars. You can find tons of money manifestation success stories online.

How the law of attraction can help you manifest unexpected money?

The law of attraction is nothing but the repetition of positive thoughts and emotions about a goal so that it will eventually program your subconscious mind to believe in it and attract opportunities to achieve it.

When you entertain positive thoughts about money frequently, you change your mindset and belief about it. Once that happens, your subconsciously recognize and take advantage of opportunities that will bring you unexpected money. It’s that simple.

To sum up, you can, like many others, manifest unexpected money using the law of attraction. It is possible to do so with the caveat that you should believe in its possibility. Plus, you have to follow the right steps to apply the law of attraction to attract unexpected money.

How to manifest unexpected money? (Step-by-Step)

#1 Respect money

Money is neither evil nor a source of immense happiness. It, simply, is the medium of exchange to get the things that give you comfort such as food, house, clothes, car, etc.

That said, each person has a unique way to look at money. Some worship it while others try to avoid it thinking it as the source of trouble. One’s relationship and belief about money determine his/her bank balance.

In short, find out what is your relationship with money. Do you fear it or respect it? Do you keep money above other things in life? Do you think it is important? Ask these questions to yourself.

Before you start manifesting money, you need to change how you looked at the money. You should respect money. You should give priority to earning money. Above all, you should feel gratitude for the money you already have. If you’ve negative feelings about it, you need to fix it.

That’s the first step of manifesting unexpected money.

#2 Decided how much money you want

Now, you know that you should respect money and feel gratitude for it. Next step: write down the amount of money you want to manifest. It should be specific and clear. Plus, it should be believable.

Everybody has some set point in their mind for the money. Your current money set point is created based on your current wealth, past experience, and earning capacity. And, this set point will decide how much money you can comfortably have, earn, or ask for.

For someone, asking for thousands of dollars is not a big deal as their money set point is higher. They believe they can manifest thousands of bucks easily. But, for those having low money set points, asking for a large amount of money will only bring doubt and fear.

The point here is that you need to ask for the amount of money that is believable. You don’t want to bring doubt and fear into play asking for a large amount of money that is beyond your set point.

#3 Replace your old belief about money with the new one

In order to manifest money or anything, you need to have faith that it is possible to manifest them. You need to replace your old belief with a new one that supports it. That’s the principle on which the law of attraction work.

There are many law of attraction techniques to program the subconcious mind. Here, we mention only proven and fastest manifestation methods to attract unexpected money.



Words can literally change your life. Research has shown that positive words hold the power to alter the expression of genes, increase the cognitive functioning of the brain, activate the motivational center to propel a person into action.

When you repeatedly think of some event even if it is not true, the mind will eventually take it as truth. And once that happens, the mind will start recognizing the opportunities and prompt you to take action so that your imagined event becomes reality.

So, to manifest unexpected money your mind needs to believe in it. And, to make your mind believe in it, you need to repeat the positive statements regarding money.

Repeat these powerful positive affirmations to manifest unexpected money:

  • I happily and easily attract large sums of money.
  • Abundance is mine. I deserve and accept the unexpected money.
  • I am a money magnet and money follows me everywhere I go.
  • Money is everything. Money is good. I respect money.
  • Thank you, Universe for sending large sums of unexpected money to me. Thank you! Thank you! Than you!

As you read these powerful money statements, you must have felt good and inspired. Now, you want to repeat these statements twice a day for about 21 days. Alternatively, you can write them down in your notebook every day.

Either way, you’ll, at the end of 21 days, successfully program your subconscious mind. By then, you’ll have positive beliefs about money. Well, then and only then can you manifest unexpected money.

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Take a dollar bill and hold it. Now, look at it carefully, touch it, feel it, smell it, even taste it if you want to.

Then, close your eyes and imagine yourself in a bathtub that is filled with money. Imagine money is coming out from the bathtub faucet instead of water. Imagine holding a heap of money and throwing it towards the sky and then imagine money falling back to you.

Do this visualization exercise every day. Remember, you should feel good and wealthy while doing visualization. Make your visualization as real as possible by involving all the five senses whenever possible.

Repeat affirmation and visualize abundance to program the subconcious mind to manifest unexpected money. But hold on, your job is not finished yet.

#4 Feel gratitude and prosperous

After practicing above mentioned manifestation method, you want to be grateful and feel prosperous throughout the day.

Be grateful for the money you have. Search for things that you would be grateful for and then show gratitude for it. It is one of the powerful ways to raise one’s vibration. It brings positive emotion and thus increases your manifestation power into many folds.

In addition, feel prosperous and abundant. Not just think that you’re rich and wealthy, act like one. Be generous. Help someone financially with whatever amount of money you have or can afford.

Ken Honda, author of Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money, advises people to say ‘Thank You!’ whenever receiving or giving money. Do this for a few days and you’ll experience a positive relationship with money. You feel gratitude for it. You will feel prosperous. And, you will be a money magnet. Money will start pouring in your way as you’re giving respect to it and feeling gratitude for having it.

#5 Detach and receive

Lastly, you need to detach yourself from the outcome. That does not mean you should stop thinking about money. What it really means is that you should not get obsessed with the outcome.

Don’t check whether you receive the unexpected money or not. Let it come to you naturally when the timing is right for you. Give the Universe time and space to work for you. Don’t interfere in the process of manifestation.

Remember, it will take some time to manifest. You don’t want to bring doubt and fear by frequently checking the result and not seeing them.

Instead, keep practicing the law of attraction and have faith that you’ll definitely receive it. And, then you’ll manifest unexpected money.


To conclude, money is not evil in itself. It is the root of all good. It gives us food to eat, shelter to live, clothes to wear, and things that make life comfortable. You should feel lucky and grateful for having money, whatever amount it may be. You should respect it.

Next, find how much money you want to manifest. Then, practice affirmation or visualization techniques to program subconcious to make your mind believe in the possibility of manifesting money and to recognize the opportunities that will eventually lead to receiving unexpected money.

Lastly, feel gratitude and prosperity. Let go of the outcome. Give the Universe time to bring unexpected money into your life. Don’t interfere with the process of manifestation by constantly checking the result.

Once you follow the above-mentioned steps and have faith, you’ll manifest unexpected money for sure. You may get it in the form of cold and hard cash. Or, you may attract a heavy discount or gift which is also unexpected money.

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