6 Powerful Demons to Summon for Love

“It takes two to tango”, the saying goes. Love is often difficult to obtain because the person we love needs to love us in return in order for any romance to be possible. But what if our passion is a one-sided affair, and our love is not reciprocated by our desired lover?

For thousands of years love spells and rituals were used to alleviate this problem by changing the other person’s perception. For example, I’ve had clients who wanted to be perceived more attractive by others in general. I’ve also had clients who wanted to make a specific person fall in love with them. One client wanted to rekindle the sexual flames in his marriage since the bedroom activities became a little stale.

In any case, love is a broad field of intimate desires and hopes, often unfulfilled because of mental and physical blockages and social obstacles. Magick is a potent way of bypassing these obstacles and making ones loving and lustful desires manifest in reality.

However, summoning a demon to help you with love is something you should be careful about, as it involves influencing the person’s mind and toying with their free will. But can it be done? From my experience, and the experience of humanity as a whole, the answer is – yes.

You should also know that not every demon is capable of providing assistance. You must find the right demon for the task, based on the attributes and the powers that it holds. These are the seven most powerful love demons to consider, based on ancient grimoires such as Ars Goetia and Grimorium Verum, and the experience of many magicians and witches that’ve summoned:

Zepar is a controversial love demon because his services come with a hefty price. As is mentioned in his Ars Goetia description, Zepar will make barren the lover that is conquered with his help. Sometimes he makes barren the magician also.

In order to prevent the latter, it’s important to offer a sacrifice to Zepar in the form of gifts, recognition (sharing good word of his powers to others), creating a small shrine etc. Despite the unwelcome side effect that makes his summoning morally reprehensible, Zepar is regularly evoked by magicians because he’s effects manifest rather quickly.

It’s also worth pointing out that Zepar’s powers will only work on women. If you need to swoon a man of your dreams, some of the other demons on this list will be better suited for the task.

Sitri is the demon to summon if you were looking for sexual pleasure above all else. This is the demon a PUA (pick up artist) or anyone venturing into a night club to find a one night stand would want to have by their side.

Sitri can also make you more attractive in the eyes of others. Your behavior will be perceived as charming with a tinge of demonic that makes you all the more dangerous.

Sitri is also a benevolent demon in the sense that he is easy to work with and won’t trick the magician or cause any hardships. You can still offer some gifts but it’s not even necessary, because Sitri feeds on the coital energy produced by the lovers he unites.

Sallos is a great demon to summon if you’re looking for a long-term relationship, not just a one time fling. I’ll go out on a limb and say that Sallos is behind many successful marriages of occult-minded people, whether they know it or not.

This spirit is the demonic equivalent to that girl friend that enjoys connecting friends and turning them into happy couples. The reason behind this activity is simple – it serves the interest of the demonic realm for magicians and witches that summon them to be happy and to share this connection with their offspring, ensuring that their demonic enterprise is a multi-generational affair.

Furfur is another demon that can be summoned by both men and women for love and erotic pleasure. Although it is not shared in the Ars Goetia, Furfur can also invite a succubus or an incubus into a person’s life.

These lesser demons are of an entirely erotic nature, and they can provide both pleasurable and terrifying experiences. They can take physical shape or remain in the astral realm and act through dreams. Encounters of this nature in the dream state often lead to exhaustion the next day as these spirits act as energetic vampires.

So when you’re summoning Furfur explicitly state that you are not asking for a succubus/incubus (unless you are interested in it of course).

I don’t have much experience with Uvall’s love-procuring powers, but he’s worth mentioning as the final of the great love spirits mentioned in Ars Goetia. The only reason I’ve summoned him in the past was to make peace between two business owners at the request of one whose business was going under due to brutal smears by his competitors.

Uvall proved helpful in resolving this problem so at least I can say that he is receptive to a sufferer’s pleas. Will he be so at the request of a lover I have yet to find out.

Although mentioned in Ars Goetia, Asmodeus’ description in this grimoire is faulty. I must mention that some demons in Ars Goetia are not represented in their full capacity. Many powers and attributes of especially Asmodeus, Bael and Belial are concealed. I can only suspect that the author(s) wished to reserve them for their own use.

In any case, Asmodeus is the most powerful demon of lust. He is the demon you’d summon to provoke lustful feelings in someone, perhaps your current partner. He acts like a spiritual aphrodisiac, raising the fire element in the target which makes them look for an outlet.

This may manifest as a greater desire for exercise, fasting or cold baths, but more often if an interested party is nearby it will take form of a highly erotic encounter. It goes without saying that if invoked, Asmodeus can raise the summoner’s libido and bedroom prowess.

I have shared quite a few summoning rituals on this website. You can also find rituals in various grimoires (books of magic) and follow the instructions. These rituals will work some of the time, and for some people. Magick is a skill, and ceremonial magic requires not only skill and experience to be made functional, but also a long list of ritual items and ingredients.

I always encourage people to experiment with their magical abilities and see what will transpire from these efforts. You might be surprised to find out that you have a talent for summoning spirits and this can help you in all areas of life, not just your current love woes.

But if you require results quickly, you can request a ritual and I will perform it in your stead to the best of my abilities. I have a large ritual chamber with all the necessary equipment. My wealth of experience in dealing with demonic spirits and helping clients have their desires met are all part of the equation. So if you want to sort out your love situation sooner rather than later, don’t hesitate to contact me. Talk to you soon!

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