Law of Attraction

What If You Just CAN’T See It Happening?

Okay, so you have a dream. And you really, really want it. You want it so badly you can taste it. You can barely think of anything else, because this dream obsesses you.

But alas, no matter how many times you turn it over in your head, you simply cannot figure out how on earth it could ever happen to you.

It could be losing 100 pounds.
It could be owning your own company.
It could be marrying your secret crush.
It could be owning your own jet.
It could be moving to another country.
It could be having a child.
It could be becoming debt free.
It could be buying your own home.

But no matter how you configure it in your head, it’s just not possible. Case in point: I received this email from a fellow creator:

Dear Boni,

I do know the law of attraction works…I have said, “an account is on its way to me” and it comes. I have proven it to myself. When I put it out there in a happy place vibe and do the work—it happens.

However I cannot see us ever buying a house as we live in California…it’s SO expensive. I have tried looking in other areas of the country—however our youngest has special needs and we are getting the best possible care here, so I know we can’t move.

I just cannot get around the emotional block of us not being able to buy a home due to our credit situation (it’s horrible). I’m not sure what I should dream up since it seems the dream is impossible.


We’ve All Been There

The very nature of dreaming means we will always be reaching for bigger and broader dreams. And yes, sometimes those dreams will feel like they are out of reach. And for the time being, they are. But you have the power and ability to bring them back into your reach. And here’s how:

Begin by asking yourself these questions:

Do I Really Believe This Dream Is Possible?

If you can’t imagine the thing you want, you do not believe it is possible for you to have it. Let that in. If you can’t imagine the thing you want, you do not believe it is possible for you to have it.

Beliefs can be changed, but you have to do the work. They won’t change because you want them to change, or you choose them to change, or you say they are changed. You. Have. To. Do. The. Work.

What might Resigned’s beliefs be?

We cannot afford to buy a house in California.
We cannot buy a house with our credit.
We cannot find another place to live with great care for our child.
I do not create 100% of my reality.
Some things are beyond my ability to change them.
Money is not easy to create.
The universe is not totally abundant.
I am not totally abundant.

When Resigned changes the beliefs that oppose her dream, her world will change. How do I know this? I was in her shoes. My credit was lousy—my finances were so bad that I had to declare bankruptcy. And within a few months of declaring bankruptcy, I bought a house with no money down, and within two years of declaring bankruptcy I bought a commercial property with only 5% down. Everyone said it couldn’t be done. But I did it.

How? I changed the beliefs that said I couldn’t. And you can too. Once you’ve taken a close look at your beliefs around your dream, then it’s time to answer this question:

What Do I Really Want—And What is the Essence of That?

Oftentimes we get so caught up longing for a certain thing that we don’t take the time to step back and figure out what we really want. Resigned wants to own her own home, yes. But what she really wants is financial abundance.

The essence of that financial abundance is to feel financially free, safe and secure. If she created owning her own house while ignoring the financial abundance component required she could create owning the house to be such a financial challenge that she wished she never owned it!

Someone who wants to create marrying his secret crush really wants a committed partnership. And the essence of a committed partnership might be feeling loved, loving, safe, intimate, tender, cared for, vulnerable and trusting. If someone creates marrying his or her crush without focusing on the loving, fulfilling, committed pieces of the dream, they might find themselves in an unhappy marriage.

Once you’ve figured out the essence, see if that isn’t easier to focus on than the end game (i.e. the crush or the house). If you’re still having trouble seeing yourself in your dream ask yourself this question:

Do I Need to Start Smaller?

It takes a while to change our thoughts, feelings and beliefs around any subject, and even longer to change our self-image. Sometimes the dream feels too big because it is too big (for now). There’s no problem with breaking the dream down into smaller, more believable steps.

For instance, the person who wants to lose 100 pounds may want to dream losing 20 pounds at first. Your dreams should always be big enough to be exciting, but small enough to be believable.

Am I Trying to Control What It Looks Like?

Remember, you can create anything. But you can’t control how it shows up. Many creators get messed up with this one.

Resigned is trying to control how owning her own home shows up by deciding it must be in California and that she must have good credit to buy it. She can keep the intention that her child has great care, but open the door to the possibility that might exist outside of California (if (other than the child care issue) she is open to that idea). There are also many ways to purchase a home without good credit, such as a rent-to-own situation.

Let go of preconceived ideas of how something might manifest, and let the universe handle the details. Your job is always the same: to be clear about how it will feel, once you have the dream; and begin to feel that way.

There is always a way to manifest the essence of every dream. There is no exception to this truth. If you have a dream, you can create it coming true—step by little step.

In joyous creation,

Our Creation Journal has been created to make manifesting your dreams even easier, more elegant, and hopefully tons of fun. It’s specifically designed to guide you in manifesting your desires based upon the steps laid out in The Map.  With this beautiful journal, you get to choose a dream to work on. It will then help you clarify for yourself what you truly desire, track your progress, and walk you through the steps on how to get to the essence of manifesting your dream.  Creating doesn’t have to be difficult, but does need your time and energy to make dreams into reality.

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