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Do you feel anchored or like you are blowing in the wind?

Learn what grounds you in your Human Design chart – it might surprise you

It’s hard to be in the current world and not feel like you are like a balloon or kite blowing in the wind. Feeling grounded can give you the anchor to deal with it all. It nourishes you, like it does a plant, to thrive amongst the chaos. And guess what? You can find out what personally grounds you in your Human Design chart.

“Like a tree, you have to find your roots. And then you can bend in the wind.”

 – Angela Farmer (Yogi & Activitst)

Do you feel anchored? Do you feel like you are supported, safe and self-reliant? Or do you feel like you are blowing in the wind?

If you feel completely anchored, you probably weren’t even interested in opening this article. So, my guess is that, at least at times, you feel like you are blowing in the wind.

Right now, the winds change daily by different guidelines, national and global movements, natural disasters, and in the ways we are also personally changing and always trying to find our footing.

The world is changing and so are you.

It is totally normal in modern society to blow in the wind. But, being aware of what anchors you, gives you the resilience to deal with all that life throws at you. It nourishes you, like it does a plant, to thrive amongst the chaos.

Why aren’t you anchored? 

The first thing I want to talk about is what is going on. Why aren’t most of us anchored? 

Most of us are being blown around. We collect ideas, beliefs and ways of doing things, or “being” so that we can fit the ideas of the world.  But they may not be the things we love – or that spark joy for us.

A lot of the time we are also afraid of things that we don’t really need to be afraid of, but it sparks anxious feelings inside us from anxious feelings from around us. We think we should follow things in the media, which is often quite ungrounded itself.  We are given guidance one day that shifts the next. We see other households doing things differently, other states, other countries and we wonder what is actually correct for us. We question ourselves and our judgement.

In the Human Design world, this is what is happening: we are all being conditioned.

You can look at the open centers in your personal chart, that is where we are most prone to conditioning. You can read more about the centers in the centers blog, but I just wanted to show you how it easily ties to Human Design.

Basically, anywhere that you have a white center, meaning it’s open or undefined, the energy can easily become filled with stuff that’s not yours!  The chart above is just an example, look at your own chart. You can be easily swayed by thoughts, beliefs and emotions of others or society and it pulls you in different directions like the wind.

What can it feel like to be ungrounded in our open centers?

  • Overwhelmed
  • Confused
  • Fake (because it’s not all yours)
  • Autopilot/numbed
  • Yucky

Why is it important to care? 

Blowing in the wind can make you feel scattered, unsafe and it can pull you in directions that aren’t always best for you.

It’s important to care about finding your anchor because you are constantly being pulled by what’s in your energy field – in person or even online. When you are blowing in the wind, you may not make decisions that are best for you.  When you don’t have control of the string – you let the wind (the world) blow you in multiple directions.  It’s hard to be authentic and it’s hard to feel good when your anchor is not holding you steady in what is correct for you.

Why is it important to let go?

It’s important to let go of what is not yours, so that you can feel better. Your goal is feeling supported and safe.

When you allow conditioning to run the show, you can make decisions out of fear and anxiety and therefore do not feel good, don’t feel safe or secure or self-reliant. When you hold on too long that feeling will grow and culminate into something bigger like sickness, maybe an anxiety attack, depression or burnout.

It clutters your:

  • Mind (beliefs and the way you do things)
  • Heart (the direction you go each day and emotional balance)
  • Energy (you lose energy reacting big, following the wrong things etc.)
  • Decision Making Authority (how you make decisions that are right for you)

It’s important to let go of the idea that you must be all things, that you must react in a certain way, that you must accept and adjust to the flapping in the wind.  When you are self-resilient and anchored, you are unflappable.  You may still move around, but you can flow in the direction you want to instead of being jolted.  The key is to find what is the right thing for you.

What’s not yours? Do you hold any of these beliefs? 

  • The idea that you must be all things
  • You must react in a way you think you should
  • The idea that we will never get out of the rat race, that is just has to be this way
  • You must do things like others, even when it makes you more stressed

If you do, it’s time to see if little by little you can question if that belief is truly yours, and if it’s not, let it go and see what happens.

The funny thing is, everyone around you is also flapping in the wind and they may not even be going in the direction that’s best for them – and then you follow it. When you finally have perspective, you will see it’s silliness and that it doesn’t help you.

What do you do next?

Now, I want to share with you the key: Find your personal anchor(s).

Anchors nourish you like tree roots and they can keep you standing even during a storm.

What does it feel like to be anchored?

  • Supported
  • Safe
  • Self-reliant
  • Empowered
  • Strong
  • in-Flow (rather than being jolted)

How do you find your anchors in your Human Design chart?

You might be surprised by what anchors you in your Human Design chart. I was. I thought something like meditation or walking on the earth was the answer, and it is. It’s a great short-term connection with the earth and the universe. But, there’s more to the energy inside you and it’s unique to your personal anchoring or grounding you in the long term.

It comes from the energies in your earth gates. No surprise here, the earth gates are the energies that ground you. It is about receiving, taking in and integrating. Investigating the gates of your Earth is a good place to start when you are trying to heal. It also supports the expression of the sun energy in your Human Design chart.

Follow these steps for a quick look at what grounds you:

  1. Get your chart in front of you. If you don’t have your chart, go online and get it. It’s no cost.
  1. Look at the numbers next to the second planet down on either side of your chart— Earth has a circle with a cross in the middle.   Write down what the numbers are. (Just the first number; you don’t have to worry about the decimal— you can worry about that number later).  Sometimes they are the same – so it will be the same number times two. In this example the earth gates are Gate 33 and Gate 24.
  2. Go to here and check out the videos for the gate number(s) that you wrote down to see what it means to get grounded— your way.  

It’s totally normal to blow like an untethered kite or balloon at times. But, it’s totally doable to use your personal anchor(s) to stand strong no matter what is going on around you.

I am in the process of creating training, practices and exercises to really dig deeply into your personal anchors, but for now you can do your own reflection based on what you learn in the videos and how you apply it to your life.

My challenge for you is to do steps 1-3 and then share an example for each gate that grounds you in the comments here, or join our new Mighty Networks Community and share it there.  Sharing what works for us can inspire others to new ideas for what can help them too.

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