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Atlantis: Times of Great Transformation

Atlantis: A Rich History

Atlantis… it captures the imagination. It is also called the Sunken Island or the Sunken City. Atlantis was inhabited by an ancient civilization, the Atlanteans. The Greek philosopher Plato wrote about the island 350 years BC. Plato is considered to be the one who passed on the story of Atlantis.
Back then, the Atlanteans possessed highly advanced technology that they used to build prestigious buildings and heal, among other things. They had made exploring the world their own and lived in prosperity. However, as with many civilizations that are modernly advanced, corruption prevailed. Plato wrote that prosperity was disappearing as Atlantis continued to turn into a corrupt society. Partly because there were Atlanteans who acted big and lived by their ego, Atlantis fell into decline. In addition, nature also played a role in the destruction of the empire: the island sank into a global flood. The flood is also called Great Natural Disaster, or Young Dryas event, in which the climate became significantly colder in an instant.


It is said that Plato invented Atlantis, but he himself claims that it is a true story. One of his dialogues involves the character Critias, who claims that his grandfather passed on the story of the Sunken City to him. While his grandfather had obtained the knowledge through his father Dropides, and he got it directly from the great Solon, one of the seven wise men.
Plato even gives a date for the birth of Atlantis. It was about 9000 years before Solon went to Egypt around 600 BC and saw the story of Atlantis written down on the walls of this temple. So, converted to the here and now, Atlantis would have existed about 11600 years ago.

In 1882 AD Ignatius Donnelly wrote a book called Atlantis: The Antediluvian World. In that book he mentions the possibility that all ancient and new cultures eventually descended from one original culture: the people who lived in the age of Atlantis.


Plato writes that Atlantis was probably somewhere near the Bahamas and the Caribbean. In contrast, Ignatius sees Atlantis as more of a concept, going deeper than a once sunken island.
From recent geological studies, there was a massive rise in sea level during the time of Atlantis, 116000 years ago. Mainstream academics reject the idea of Atlantis, but new evidence keeps coming up that doesn’t fit the picture of established knowledge.

Multiple sunken cities

Underwater there is still so much that has not been discovered. For example, off the coast of Japan, in the Mediterranean Sea, many mysterious structures have been found. Also off the coast of Africa, in the Atlantic Ocean, ancient sunken building structures have been found.

Connected to Egypt

In Egypt, the pyramids were once covered with a layer of white limestone… and so Atlantis is referred to as the white island that had many pyramids. In 1850, Auguste Mariette discovered the Inventory Stela in the ruins of the Temple of Isis in Giza. This is also known as an ancient Egyptian commemorative sign from the 26th dynasty. It reads, “Long live the king of Upper and Lower Egypt, Khufu, given life.”
The Inventory Stela honors Isis, Mistress of the Pyramid, and Osiris, Lord of Rosta.
“He restored the statue, all covered in painting, of the guardian of the atmosphere, who guides the winds with his gaze.”
So this may indicate that the Pharaoh Khufu, who was known to have had the Sphinx and The Great Pyramid built, actually discovered them and had them restored. And so it can be reasoned that there was an even older civilization, that of Atlantis, that possessed powers such as levitation. Thus the Atlanteans could be the original builders of the pyramids.

Ancient Writings

Atlantis was found not only in Greek and Egyptian writings, but also in Sanskrit writings. The Sunken City is said to have perished in the war between the Gods and the Titans. In the various stages of the demise of the sunken empire: first it was called ‘Saka-dvipa’, then ‘Sveta-dvipa’, also called ‘White Island’ and as the last stage ‘Ruta’ and ‘Daitya’, referring to the two small islands that remained after the majority of the city was submerged.
A variation of the word Atlantis is mentioned not only in Indian writings, but also in other cultures, spread around the world. For example the Berber tribes from North Africa knew an ancient city called Attala. The Vikings knew Atli and the Babylonians mention Arallu in their writings.

About the Atlantis Ring

The Atlantis Ring holds a powerful protective quality. This can help you to maintain your own personality, making it very suitable for people who often lose themselves. Also, the Atlantis Ring gives you strength to achieve your goals. It protects your aura and helps you feel and express your own leadership: towards yourself and others. Don’t blow with the wind, but stand up for yourself – that’s what the Atlantis Ring tells you.

Once again, we are at a high point of technological development today. The question is, whether the peak of developments has ever been reached and when it will level off again. How does the Earth respond to developments? Will it stand its ground… or fight back?
The Atlantis Ring is an ideal companion for these turbulent times, when the Earth is in a constant state of transformation. The jewel contains codes that have been transmitted and attuned to the Atlanteans, the inhabitants of Atlantis.

Besides, if you are reading this and feeling recognition, it is not by chance… We wish you the wisdom of Atlantis. May the ring assist you in your strength and power in this life.

Sebastiaan Fiolet

Founder & Designer of Sacred Creation

Sebastiaan is a Dutch Product Engineer with a peculiar interest in Sacred Geometry.
In 2015, he founded Sacred Creation to follow his passion to design Sacred Geometric Products.Website

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