WITCH TIPS & HOROSCOPES 3/23~ 3-29/ 2022

Astrology by Lisa Stardust

Mercury and Neptune align in Pisces on March 23rd. Mercury connects with the Nodes of Destiny on the same day, followed by Neptune connecting with the Nodes of Destiny on the 28th. These are wonderful times to manifest and dream big. The Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn occurs on March 25th, heightening our need to let go of the constraints that have been holding us back. Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn link up on March 26th, the day before Mercury dives into temperamental Aries. Passion and impulsivity will be added to communication. Think before you speak. Venus and Saturn face off on March 28th in Aquarius, strengthening the bonds that hold relationships together.

Tensions will be high during the Last Quarter Moon on the 25th. Therefore, it’s important to relinquish any negative energy and reset the tone. Take a white candle and light it, while meditating on your personal affirmation to uplift your emotions and heart. You can also light a pink candle and place a rose quartz on your heart chakra while stating your many amazing attributes to yourself.

Commit to a new passion project. Try to be completely present while still satisfying your dreamy quality. It doesn’t have to be flashy or over the top. You can knit a warm scarf or learn to cook a new, exotic dish. Time and focus will help occupy your mind now.

Worried about getting a return on the fruits of your labor? Let people know how hard you’ve been working to get the acknowledgment that you deserve. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re recognized by your peers and colleagues for giving your all to the work you do. You’ve got this!

You often do a million things at once, which is why you may overlook projects or meetings that are important for you to take on. Slow and steady wins the race. Make sure everything gets done even if it takes longer than you would expect. Don’t rush it this week.

You may realize that you give too much of your time to people and situations which do not reciprocate your enthusiasm. Cut the energy vampires out of your life and focus on yourself. Then, you will feel more aligned with your own energy and self without worrying about other people.

You are incredibly self-sufficient which can often block you from allowing certain love vibes from entering your life. Open your heart and show you their true feelings. In return, you will experience the most amazing sentiments and kindness that people can offer. Who doesn’t like being loved and cared for?

The desire to create is high and strong. The moment you release the fear that’s holding you back from embracing your inner artistry, the easier it’ll be to transform your world. Now, you can level up the divine talents that you have within and harness them to manifest amazing things.

This week adds more pep in your step and gusto into your overall vibe. Your energy levels are popping and reaching highs, allowing you to accomplish everything on your to-do list. If you have extra stamina, then you should take on a new project to release the pent-up energy within.

Managing your day-to-day calendar, emotions, work load, and stress has been super hard lately. All the more reason for you to take an hour to yourself a few days this week. Free yourself from the constraints of appointments, meetings, and obligations to just be alive and present in the moment.

You should not feel bad for wanting to spend time alone. After all, you have been pouring a lot of energy into work and now is the time to focus on mending your soul. Replenish, revive, and rejuvenate your spirit this week to start fresh and reboot for the future.

Use this week as a moment of gratitude. Give thanks to your ancestors and spirit guides who help you attain your dreams and conquests. The more light and energy you give towards appreciating your roots, the more at peace you’ll be. This will place you in alignment with the universe.

It is hard to find your footing with the outside world, especially since you are living in your own bubble. You don’t have to burst your dreams this week. In fact, living in your visions will guide you towards manifesting them to become a reality over the next few days.

Growth is on the horizon — but only if you use this week as a time to reflect and see the places in your life in which you can evolve. The more time you take to think about personal transformation, the easier it will be for you to transcend into greatness.

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