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Mary Magdalene… through the church stories, she was portrayed as a prostitute. In yet other stories, she was a High Priestess to mystery schools, including the Temple of Isis. It is no coincidence that Mary Magdalene is associated with the primordial feminine power. She was also called apostola apostolorum, the apostle of the apostles. This made her the first disciple of Jeshua… or was Jeshua rather a disciple of her? You’ll read about it in this blog!

There are still some old ideas clinging to Mary Magdalene, in that she was labeled as a prostitute for centuries. These ideas were put into the world by the patriarchal power system, because her position as a woman, and the manifested reality as a woman by her were too powerful. And what one (in this case: the church fathers) feared, that got suppressed.

Jeshua also took an important place in the world, and seen from the church’ s perspective, that made the women who surrounded him important as well. However, the early church was not comfortable with this. Either Mary Magdalene was portrayed as a prostitute or her importance was magnified.

It was not until 1969 that the Church admitted that the Biblical texts did not support Mary Magdalene’s image as a prostitute. Today, Mary Magdalene is considered a saint by the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican and Lutheran churches. In addition, she has her own feast day on July 22.

Mary’s fun facts

  • Magdalene is not Mary’s official surname, but a reference to the place where Mary came from: Magdala, a town in Galilee, in present-day northern Israel.
  • There are a few references to Mary Magdalene in the Bible, including in John’s Gospel: that she saw the appearance of Jeshua after his Resurrection; and that she is told to tell his disciples of his return. (John 20:1-13).
  • The Gospel of Philip, Mary Magdalene is seen as the companion of Jeshua. It claims that Yeshua loved her more (or differently) than the other disciples. Even more, it even states that Jeshua kissed her. It was not until 1945 that this information was discovered in the Gnostic Gospels, written by early Christians in the second century AD, in the Egyptian town of Nag Hammadi.

Mary Magdalene and the Temple of Isis

Through the path of love and affection, Mary Magdalene learned to have a higher connection with the Divine, and to bring the Divine to Earth. Through her awakened Kundalini energy, she was able to achieve Enlightenment. And so, also taught Jeshua in how to elevate the blockages on his chakras, so that his Kundalini energy could also flow from root to crown chakra and beyond.

Not surprisingly, Jeshua was seen as a powerful healer, and so was Mary Magdalene. She was said to heal, among other things, through her healing work with specific pressure points in the body, and washing Jeshua’s feet with essential oil and (symbolically?) drying his feet with her hair.

A contemporary reading of Mary and Jeshua

Apart from the Biblical and Church context, Mary Magdalene is also a powerful feminine energy that you can connect with. For example by coming into contact with her field in a pure, aligned way through her sacred geometry. Jeshua and Mary can stand for the masculine and feminine aspect in ourselves.

It is not about the man or woman who once lived; but about the possibility in every human being to raise your consciousness. Mary Magdalene energy helps you on your path to achieve Enlightenment, to bring the shadow sides of yourself into a loving light, to come to an understanding and to work on yourself. In short, Mary Magdalene energy supports you to balance and unite your feminine and masculine sides within yourself. So that you can take your own responsibility for your growth in consciousness.

High vibrations and Unified Consciousness

Working with the energy of Mary Magdalene, also means working with the Christ consciousness within yourself. This is a heightened state of consciousness that each of us potentially carries within us. The point is to re-introduce this Christ consciousness.

The important values, which we also see in the stories of Jeshua about charity, service to humanity and affection for all that lives, are values and qualities that we can also cultivate in ourselves. You could see working with the Mary Magdalene energy and Christ Consciousness energy as two sides of the same coin, a duality that together forms a unity.

The sacred geometry of Mary Magdalene

The sacred geometry found in our Mary Magdalene jewelry focuses on the Vesica Piscis, specifically the Mandorla portion. It balances the male and female energies in a person and puts them in touch with their creative power. The design is based on the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life, which in and of itself establishes a life-filled force field.

By connecting with the sacred geometry of Mary Magdalene, you become more empowered. The intersections in the design, correspond to chakra points, the body and the aura of the sacred woman.

Mary Magdalene Power Places

In the Atlantis article, Mother Goddess Isis was already briefly mentioned as being worshipped at the site of the Pyramids of Giza. The feminine energy of Goddess power can be felt very clearly there. Mary, who was presumably in the teachings of the Temple of Isis, is therefore also connected to the Pyramids of Giza, among other things.

Churches and chapels are often built on, or near, places of power. So too are Mary’s chapels and Mary’s churches. The places where Mary’s energy can be felt are connected by leylines. The primordial Earth energy can still be felt under that religious layer.

Experiencing a power place in touch with Mary (Magdalene) energy is very special. Not everyone has access to trips to power places, but fortunately you can experience the Mary energy yourself at home or in a quiet place in nature. Below is an exercise to experience the feminine line of Holy Grandmother Anna, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene.

The Mary Magdalene Energy

If we see her as a sacred Priestess, a connector between the divine creative power (the Shakti power) and the earthly body in the manifested world (the Shiva power), she has been a preparer of the Way. The Way that brought Jeshua to Enlightenment. From that point of view, a clairvoyant and gifted priestess, we can connect with her archetype. The sacred geometry of Mary Magdalene can help put her energy in the here-and-now.

Mary Magdalene Pendant and Earrings

About the jewelry

The Mary Magdalene earrings give you a double grounding from a warm heart. Mary stood for beauty, inside and out. She helps you re-innovate your own beauty and makes you radiate from the powerful template of who you essentially are.
This brings out the sacred geometry of Mary Magdalene jewelry and strengthens your power-house. Just as Mary brought out the best in Jeshua and helped him reach Enlightenment through her sacred Temple work, so Mary’s sacred geometry also brings out the best in you and strengthens it. So that you can shine.

The point provides a good grounding for your qualities, making it easier for you to let go of all the old energy that is still clinging to you. You may well rediscover your old qualities while wearing this piece of jewelry and the treasures of your Being will truly shine forth.

Sebastiaan Fiolet

Founder & Designer of Sacred Creation

Sebastiaan is a Dutch Product Engineer with a peculiar interest in Sacred Geometry.
In 2015, he founded Sacred Creation to follow his passion to design Sacred Geometric Products.Website

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