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Gratitude – More Than a Technique

Gratitude is so over talked about, for many it has lost its meaning—and its ability to rock our lives.

Please understand—I’m not talking about some guilt-ridden credo of your mom’s, like: “Remember to say thank you to Grandma for your birthday gift.”

True gratitude is a deeply felt love and appreciation for something or someone in your life. And it can…


Think about it…our thoughts and feelings create our reality. Feeling good literally draws to you more things to feel good about.

And usually I’m all about focusing on the future—thinking and feeling about what your life will be like when you have the dream.

But gratitude is focusing on the past. As Lazaris* puts it, “Gratitude is the memory of your heart.”

So yeah, good feelings about the future or the past will generate more good realities. That’s the way our universe works.

BUT—gratitude has extra power

Gratitude is super-charged. Because when you feel grateful for something in your life, be it your love life, financial life, your health, the earth, whatever—it is already IN your life. It’s already manifest.

That feel-good energy acknowledges you have received this great gift. All of the hesitancy, disbelief, “will this ever happen?” energy that might be imbedded within your dreams for the future is eliminated with gratitude.

Gratitude also strengthens the beliefs that you are the creator of your world, that your universe is benevolent, and that good things come to you.

When you feel gratitude you’re resonating pure, unadulterated joy, love, and thankfulness. Gratitude may be the most powerful “technique” ever.

And there’s more…

Gratitude feels wonderful. And gratitude also connects you with the rest of the world in a way nothing else does. We are all one—and gratitude is a connecting energy.

Gratitude opens your heart and connects you to your soul. Gratitude lifts you to a higher resonance. Gratitude makes you “more.”

If there were one and only one technique you could practice—choose gratitude.

And a little warning…

When you ignore good things happening in your world (i.e. don’t feel grateful) you’re sending a signal to the universe: “Don’t send me more of this.”

Because emotion attracts. Positive emotion attracts. And negative emotion attracts. You’ve seen both in your life. But neutral emotion does nothing.

And if good things happen, and you ignore them…you, my friend, have missed a great opportunity to double that order.

5 Ways to Allow Gratitude to Create Magic in Your Life:

Simply saying “thank you” isn’t quite the energy of gratitude I’m referring to here. These suggestions will help you take your gratitude from ho-hum to an art form:

1.  Make gratitude habitual.
Write in a journal, or in a gratitude document on your computer, do it in the shower or while getting dressed, but make time every single day, for counting your blessings.

2.  Make gratitude specific.
The more specific you are, the more the magic of gratitude will be present—why? Because you’re feeling more of it—specificity deepens the gratitude.

Instead of, “I am grateful for my friend, who took the kids so I could get some rest,” think, or write, “I am so grateful for my friend Mary, who despite being crazy busy with her own three kids and running a part time business, was gracious and loving enough to take my kids so I could rest and heal my body from this cold. I felt renewed and rested and I so appreciate and love her kindness, generosity, and caring.”

3.  Spread it across your life.
Be grateful for everything.

Don’t stop with being grateful for your kids, your partner, your home, and your job. Extend your gratitude to your body, your earth, your love, your being loved, your country, your abilities, the beauty around you, your favorite TV shows, your unseen friends, and keep going.

The more you’re grateful for both the little and big things in every category possible, the more you will tend to feel gratitude all day long, and the more your life will change.

4.  Sometimes, take the time to savor gratitude.
I know your life is busy and this may be much easier said than done, but every so often, take ten to thirty minutes to just sit and feel grateful—deeply grateful.

No, life is not perfect, and never will be. But there are always things to feel grateful about. Gratitude is a spiritual experience more than a human one, and it will connect you more deeply to your higher self, soul and other unseen friends.

5.    Be grateful in advance.
Once you have gratitude down, imagine wonderful things happening in the future, and feel immensely grateful for them. You don’t even have to know what they are—imagine yourself a year from now, or next week or tomorrow, sitting, and thinking …

“Oh my gosh, this day/week/year has been amazing. I never could have imagined things turning out this wonderful…I am SO grateful.”

Yes, gratitude rocks! It is more than just an exercise. It is a way to create your reality and a way to deepen your spirituality. Be grateful for gratitude.

With love,

*More information about Lazaris can be found at

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