Law of Attraction

A Guide: What is Manifesting?

Further explanation of Manifesting:

What is the ultimate aim? The ultimate aim is to manifest spiritual realisation, spiritual transformation. The ultimate aim is manifesting a happiness that does not wane and does not cease. The reason I’m telling you this is because manifesting your desires is completely possible and you can and will manifest your desires, but then what happens? The point I’m making is this – everything changes, so even if you manifest the most happiest life with the perfect lover and the perfect job and everything in your life that you want, eventually something will change, so it’s not a real complete total solution.

So what I want you to manifest is not only physical things, not only love, not only generous happy wonderful outcomes, but I also want you to manifest a change in your consciousness. So this is the two things you should manifest, on the one hand you should manifest the things you want in your life whether that’s a new job, whether that’s a new career, whether that’s a happier life, whatever it is you want in your life that’s physical or energetic can be accomplished. That’s one thing to manifest but you should also start manifesting an ultimate happiness.

So what is ultimate happiness? It is the happiness that does not require any input, it’s a happiness that is complete unto itself, it’s a happiness that does not require any kind of outside conditions. What I’m saying is this – it is possible to have a happiness that last, that doesn’t require anything, then you can have the life of your dreams and you can have happiness.

That is my message about manifesting, manifestation is not an easy thing to do, it takes time, I want you to know this – if you start to manifest now you may see results within 5 weeks or you may see results within three years, manifesting is a long-term process.

So keep manifesting both short and medium term goals as well as the longer term goal of ultimate happiness. Anything you wish for can be achieved with focus and dedication.

All I say is this complete your manifestation and love will happen. I am complete.

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