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255 Powerful Sacral Chakra Affirmations To Heal You Now

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All About the Sacral Chakra

sacral chakra affirmations
  • Sacral Chakra (Svadhishthana)
  • Location: Lower abdomen, below your navel
  • Main Qualities: Sensuality, creativity and passion
  • Symbol: Flower and crescent moon
  • Color: Orange
  • Mantra: Vam
  • Element: Water
  • Crystals: Carnelian, Orange Calcite, Citrine, Sunstone, Tigers Eye, Amber, Moonstone
  • Essential Oils: Sweet orange, sandalwood, neroli, tangerine, rose, ylang ylang

What Are Sacral Chakra Affirmations

Affirmations are when you simply repeat positive statements over and over again. Many people use affirmations to change their negative mindsets, but that isn’t really very helpful for most. If you do not already believe the affirmation, you will actually create resistance to the statements.

So, it is definitely helpful if you already believe what you are saying! If you find you struggle with the affirmations, you probably have a subconscious block. Luckily, there are ways to deal with this and I explain it in more detail here and here.

That being said, affirmations can be very helpful if you believe the statements but need positive reinforcement. While it’s impossible to know exactly how many thoughts we have per day, scientist estimate anywhere from 6,000 to even up to 60,000 a day! Guess how many are negative usually? An estimated whopping 80%!

So the main benefit of affirmations help you have a better ratio of positive to negative thoughts.

Luckily also, chakra affirmations are some of the easiest affirmations to believe. Most people don’t have blocks on statements about their chakra’s as energy is a little harder to quantify.

If you don’t know what chakra’s are or what the sacral chakra is, then keep reading! Before we get to my big list of sacral chakra affirmations, in this post, I’ll explain all about the sacral chakra and how sacral chakra affirmations can help you.

What Are Chakra’s?

The main chakras are thought to be seven wheel-like energy center that start at the base of your spine and go up to the crown of your head. Each energy center is associated with different physical, emotional and spiritual qualities. When they are blocked, out of balance or just not spinning properly, we can experience a whole host of negative consequences.

While it’s hard to prove these chakra systems scientifically, many cultures from Hindu to Buddhist have been aware of and manipulating these energy centers for centuries.

The Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is the second chakra, and it’s located around the lower abdomen just below your navel. Many people associate it with sex and sexuality, but it’s so much more than that!

The sacral chakra also governs sensuality, creativity and passion. It’s all about your emotions and ability to connect intimately with people in a healthy way.

Signs Your Sacral Chakra is Blocked

When your sacral chakra is balanced, so are our emotions and relationships. We are able to express ourselves creatively and follow our passions. We have a natural joy for life!

So when the sacral chakra is blocked or out of whack, we can end up in codependent relationships, have a lack of sexual desire, feel disconnected, and lack self control.

It can also lead to lethargy, feeling numb, shame, and unloved. Yuck! I truly believe that the key to manifestation is self-love, so an overactive or underactive sacral chakra will also inhibit your ability to manifest if it’s not fixed.

In addition to the emotional and spiritual issues, you may also physically experience kidney and urinary problems, constipation, sexual disfunction, lower back pain and even yeast infections.

How to Use Your Sacral Chakra Affirmations

There are no right or wrong ways to use sacral chakra affirmations. So just choose which ones resonate with you the most. Once you pick the sacral chakra affirmations you like the most, you can;

  • Use your affirmations during meditation
  • Post them where you see them often, such as at your desk, mirror, and refrigerator.
  • Journal and write them down daily
  • Make a subliminal to listen to before bed or while you are exercising or cleaning
  • Place them under your pillow for pillow manifestations

Big List of Sacral Chakra Affirmations

  1. I am a creative being
  2. Joy and pleasure are my innate birthright
  3. I am attractive, bright, and beautiful.
  4. I embrace life and welcome the abundance I deserve
  5. I am a passionate person.
  6. I welcome and embrace life with enthusiasm and vitality
  7. I am flexible, adaptable, and open to change.
  8. I know my self-worth, and I will not settle for less than I deserve.
  9. All that I am is in perfect harmony.
  10. I am a lovely, delightful, and charming person.
  11. I can relax and slow down my life in a physical and emotional sense.
  12. Joy and gratitude are emotions I choose to experience often.
  13. I allow the free flow of love and sensuality in my life.
  14. I am open about my passions and the things that offer me pleasure.
  15. I can reveal and share my happiness with the world.
  16. I have reached emotional self-sufficiency.
  17. I feel comfortable and at home in my body.
  18. I treat my perfect body with the utmost care and respect it deserves.
  19. Sex is sacred as it embodies love, healing, and harmony.
  20. Every breath brings me happiness, pleasure, and abundance.
  21. I let go of past feelings that no longer serve me
  22. I breathe in source energy light
  23. I accept the flow of life. (Sacral chakra affirmations)
  24. I embody and radiate love, passion, and abundance
  25. I use my energy for creative expression.
  26. I’m free to express my emotions in a healthy way.
  27. My creativity flows effortlessly.
  28. I attract people who treat me with respect
  29. I enjoy pleasure in all areas of my life (Sacral chakra affirmations)
  30. My emotions are free flowing and balanced
  31. It is my birthright to receive pleasure
  32. I allow my life to be a free flow of joy, creativity, and expression.
  33. I give myself permission to prioritize pleasure and emotional healing.
  34. I honor my feelings and emotions, but I know they do not rule me.
  35. I honor the sacred body in which my soul resides
  36. I welcome sensuality into my life
  37. My intuitive senses are awakened
  38. I always find time to enjoy the pleasures of life.
  39. Enjoying life is not a choice but a basic and essential need. 
  40. It is alright for me to include fun, pleasure, and happiness in daily life.
  41. Pleasure and sexuality are sacred and I make them a part of my life.
  42. I feel safe and secure to accept and embrace my sensuality and sexuality.
  43. I am open to loving and enjoying my body.
  44. I feel comfortable and am open to closeness and intimacy.
  45. Creating art nourishes my soul and brings me joy
  46. I am a lovable and desirable being
  47. I am comfortable in my body and I treat it with care
  48. Sex is a sacred connection
  49. I feel safe enjoying sex
  50. I honor my sensuality. 
  51. I honor my sensual expression.
  52. I honor my ability to express myself
  53. My sexual energy is a blessing.
  54. I embrace my vibrant sexuality
  55. I invite joy into my life.
  56. My parents are spiritual teachers who offer my soul a chance for growth.
  57. I allow others to be who they are.
  58. I allow my creativity to flow through me freely
  59. I receive pleasure and abundance with every breath I take
  60. I choose to feel joy and excitement often
  61. I am spontaneous and I allow my intuition to guide me
  62. I am open to the flow of creativity.
  63. I am vibrating pure joy, abundance, and prosperity.
  64. Endless prosperity flows to and through me.
  65. I am cultivating a beautiful life free of stress, worries, or fear.
  66. Unconditional joy is my birthright.
  67. I deserve absolute and unconditional bliss.
  68. I am creative, passionate, and inspired. 
  69. I feel joyful, energetic, and alive.
  70. I am pure, positive energy.
  71. I find new ways to express my creativity.
  72. I am connected to an endless source of innovation, inspiration, and creativity.
  73. I radiate passion and prosperity.
  74. My emotions flow freely in a balanced and healthy way. 
  75. I allow the flow of positive energy to effortlessly move through me.
  76. I live a creative, vibrant, passionate life.
  77. I make space in my life for play.
  78. I use social media as a tool to be uplifted and share positivity with others.  
  79. I’m healing old wounds from past relationships. I release trauma and keep the blessings.
  80. When I wake up I feel energized and eager to begin my day.
  81. Play is a priority, not an option.
  82. It is right for me to choose joy, fun, and play in my daily life.
  83. I embrace life with vigor and passion.
  84. Limitless joy is my birthright.
  85. I deeply respect and honor my sacred body.
  86. My body is a work of art.
  87. My body is a masterpiece.
  88. I honor my own divine sensuality. (Sacral chakra affirmations)
  89. I am a sensual and passionate being.
  90. I embrace intimacy with others.
  91. I honor my desires. (Sacral chakra affirmations)
  92. I listen to my sacred body and give it what it needs.
  93. I am comfortable moving my body in ways that feel good to me.
  94. I am worthy of being desired.
  95. I am worthy and deserving of respect from myself and others.
  96. I am open, honest, forgiving, and compassionate.
  97. My life is interesting, enriching, and fulfilling.
  98. Other people’s success brings me joy.
  99. I channel my energy in healthy ways.
  100. Money is just energy, and I attract it easily.
  101. I am living a pleasurable life
  102. I am grateful for the joy of being me
  103. I trust my feelings and given them ample room for expression
  104. I embrace and celebrate my sexuality (Sacral chakra affirmations)
  105. I am honoring my body and treat myself respectfully. My sexuality is sacred
  106. I am feeling complete peace from within (Sacral chakra affirmations)
  107. I am allowing my creativity to flow through me freely
  108. It is my birthright to receive pleasure and have all my needs met
  109. I am radiant, beautiful, creative and enjoy a healthy and passionate life
  110. I attract like-minded people who support and love me for who I am
  111. I am creative. (Sacral chakra affirmations)
  112. Creative energy flows through me freely.
  113. I nurture myself emotionally and take fully responsibility for my own happiness.
  114. My relationships are based on mutual respect and appreciation.
  115. I trust my loved ones, and they can trust me.
  116. I honor my body and treat it with respect.
  117. I sense peace and serenity in my inner self.
  118. I am letting my creativity flow and express itself freely.
  119. I deserve to enjoy the pleasures of life.
  120. I deserve to have all my needs met. (Sacral chakra affirmations)
  121. I am bright, beautiful, happy, and creative.
  122. I enjoy living a vibrant and passionate life.
  123. Inspiration is always flowing to me, and I act on the great ideas I receive.  
  124. It’s safe to get close to other people.  
  125. This is an abundant world, and there’s more than enough to go around. My needs are always met.  
  126. Challenges in my relationships offer me clarity so that I can growth.
  127. I feel comfortable in my body and enjoy using it for my pleasure.
  128. I am worthy of respect and deserve to be desired.
  129. I deserve respect from others as well as myself.
  130. My inner wisdom is always guiding me toward healthy choices.
  131. I say yes to financial abundance. (Sacral chakra affirmations)
  132. Food is my friend; it fuels and nourishes my body.
  133. It’s safe, healthy, and normal to explore my sensuality.
  134. I attract healthy partnerships.
  135. My life is an exciting adventure.
  136. My sexuality is sacred. (Sacral chakra affirmations)
  137. I have plenty of energy to move through the day with ease. At night I relax and unwind.
  138. My life gets better every day, as I learn to claim my inner peace.
  139. It’s safe to get out of my comfort zone and try new things.
  140. I take pride in being a good friend.
  141. I feel passionate about my life (Sacral chakra affirmations)
  142. I feel energized and eager to begin each day
  143. I feel excited about the future
  144. I feel adventurous
  145. I feel deep connection to my loved ones
  146. I feel deep emotional healing taking place within me
  147. I feel joyful about the future I’m creating for myself
  148. The people in my life bring out the best in me, and I bring out the best in them.
  149. I accept help when I need it.
  150. I am fully engaged in my own life and create experiences that reflect my best self.
  151. I am at home in my body. (Sacral chakra affirmations)
  152. My emotions are guides.
  153. My emotions are my teachers.
  154. My creativity is endless.
  155. My creativity is fluid.
  156. I am safe to express myself.
  157. It is safe to explore my sexuality. 
  158. I deserve to be joyful.
  159. I deserve to have pleasure. 
  160. My feelings are valid. (Sacral chakra affirmations)
  161. I accept my emotions and feelings as they are.
  162. I accept the flow of life.
  163. I feel passionate about my life purpose
  164. I feel comfortable with my sexuality
  165. I feel motivated to crush my goals
  166. I accept that things change, including me.
  167. I can only control my actions and that is enough.
  168. I am independent. (Sacral chakra affirmations)
  169. I am a divine sexual being.
  170. I am living an enjoyable life.
  171. I am thankful for just being me.
  172. I am in control of my emotions and allow them the freedom of expression.
  173. I accept and rejoice in my sexuality.
  174. My sexuality is pure and sacred.
  175. Change is perfectly safe.
  176. I share love with others and embrace intimacy.
  177. I give myself permission to release drama.
  178. I always attract similar-minded people who love me for who I am.
  179. I open my mind to allow the flow of creativity.
  180. I am passionate, creative, and motivated.
  181. I feel happy, energetic, and lively. (Sacral chakra affirmations)
  182. I am the embodiment of untainted positive energy.
  183. My emotions are healthy and balanced.
  184. I am allowing positive energy to flow unrestrained through me.
  185. My energy is vibrating in a pure positive frequency.
  186. I reverberate absolute joy, passion, and excitement.
  187. I am the epitome of abundance and prosperity.
  188. Infinite abundance exists within me.
  189. I’m grateful for my body and treat it with respect.
  190. I deserve to feel energized and excited about my life.
  191. My relationships are a reflection of me, and they’re all healing. 
  192. I attract peaceful interactions with the everyone who crosses my path.
  193. Life is fun and I make plenty of time for my favorite activities.
  194. I am creating a wonderful life free from fear, stress, and anxiety.
  195. I deserve to enjoy the pure, perfect, and absolute joy.
  196. Absolute joy and unlimited love are my birthrights.
  197. I am always exploring new avenues to display my creativity.
  198. I have access to a boundless source of creativity, motivation, and discovery.
  199. I genuinely appreciate and value my divine body. (Sacral chakra affirmations)
  200. I treat my body as a masterpiece of higher power and a work of art.
  201. I respect and value my sacred sensuality.
  202. I am proud of my passionate and sensual nature.
  203. I am open to forming intimate relationships with others.
  204. I honor my dreams and desires and work untiringly towards achieving them.
  205. I pay attention to the needs of my body and try to meet them to the best of my ability.
  206. I am open, fair, and trustworthy. (Sacral chakra affirmations)
  207. I am kind, compassionate, and forgiving.
  208. I am flexible and resilient and always ready to accept change.
  209. I am aware of my worth and am not willing to settle for anything less.
  210. My entire being is in perfect bliss and harmony.
  211. I am truly thankful for the beautiful and powerful body.
  212. I feel grateful to have a strong body that sustains and empowers me.
  213. I am happy and grateful to be me.
  214. I respect and value the divine body that is home to my soul.
  215. I embrace and celebrate my beautiful body wholeheartedly.
  216. I celebrate my innate sexuality. (Sacral chakra affirmations)
  217. I open the doors for the passion and creativity to flow through me unhindered.
  218. I am a magnet for people who treat me respectfully.
  219. I am open to deriving pleasure from different walks of life.
  220. My emotions are stable, free-flowing, and balanced.
  221. Comfort, pleasure, and gratification are my birthrights.
  222. I welcome sensuality into my life with open arms.
  223. I embrace and appreciate my active and exciting sexuality.
  224. Creativity brings me unlimited joy and nourishes my soul.
  225. I consciously surrender and release negative feelings.
  226. I willingly let go of past traumas as I know that they no longer serve my purpose.
  227. I freely choose to enjoy life and feel the joy and excitement that it brings.
  228. I am natural, relaxed, and spontaneous. 
  229. I allow my instinct and internal radar to guide me on the right path.
  230. I inhale positivity and exhale negativity. (Sacral chakra affirmations)
  231. I have limitless power to create what I desire.
  232. I appreciate my divine body and treat myself with respect.
  233. I am comfortable being in my own shoes.
  234. I have absolute freedom to say no without losing love and respect.
  235. I allow myself to grow emotionally on the right path.
  236. I have filled my life with pleasure and excitement.
  237. Pure healing light passes through me, cleansing my body of the negativity.
  238. I sense my body overflowing with orange light healing my sacral chakra.
  239. I deserve happy and positive experiences in my life.
  240. I deserve a prosperous and abundant life.
  241. I hold the power to manifest my dream life.
  242. I am clear on my boundaries and do not allow others to take advantage of them.
  243. My sexuality is sacred. (Sacral chakra affirmations)
  244. I am free to express myself in whatever way feels divine to me.
  245. The abundance and passion of life flows freely through me
  246. My life is brimming with happiness and excitement.
  247. I deserve all the best things in life. (Sacral chakra affirmations)
  248. I am absolutely capable of loving and understanding others.
  249. I am fully capable of caring for others as well as myself.
  250. My body is perfect the way it is.
  251. I am connected to my innate creative energy.
  252. I embrace, celebrate, and respect my physical body.
  253. My body and my energy are sacred to me.
  254. I do not fear my sensuality. I embrace it.
  255. I attract like-minded people who will celebrate and support me.


I hope you enjoyed this big list of sacral chakra affirmations and learning all about the this magical chakra! What are you favorite sacral chakra affirmations? Have you ever used sacral chakra affirmations before? Comment below!

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