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When Conscious Creators Muggle Their Biz

There are lots of areas of life conscious creators bring their manifesting skills to

We conjure amazing love interests; we release resistance on health issues; we manifest new houses when called for. We’re even skilled at intending harmonious family gatherings!

But when it comes to building a business, some creators leave their creation magic behind and get busy taking action without a single thought to their alignment or inspiration.

That can lead to burnout and despair on the things that matter most: our professional dreams and passions.

They’re busy doing things like creating lead generators and growing social media presence and hiring copywriters and revamping websites – without a single thought of alignment beforehand.

Why do perfectly savvy manifestors muggle up their business like that?

Whether it’s authors or artists, coaches or counselors, service pros or product makers, I’ve seen it happen for a variety of reasons:

1. We’re out of our element and look externally for guidance, ending up with muggle mentors.

Let’s face it, our expertise isn’t running a business. Our genius is our passion for making art or helping others or whatever our business is based on!

When we engage a new endeavor (like building a business) that we don’t feel confident about, it’s easy to look to others for guidance on how to do it.

The problem is there aren’t a lot of LOA savvy leaders showing us how to manifest a thriving business. We’re much more likely to find experts telling us what actions to take and we end up with muggle experts advising magic makers in ways that don’t necessarily lead to our best results.

2. It seems so important.

Our success seems so important and so crucial that we automatically approach it in a confined, restricted way.

It’s like we step into a role that we forgot we can make up ourselves.

We think we have to get serious and follow the rules, because we aren’t willing to risk this biggest of dreams to the whims of the Universe.

When we don’t have full confidence in our creative powers, we don’t feel comfortable leaving our professional success at the peril of our (perceived) unreliable manifesting track record.

3. Someone is watching.

We have muggle oversight from a spouse or biz partner or investor/loan officer that makes us feel we have to approach it in a way they’ll approve of.

When we’ve got a non-magical person watching what we’re doing, maybe even judging what we’re doing, it’s easy to be intimidated or thwarted in bringing our magic to the party.

And let’s be honest, isn’t this one of the reasons we were so keen to get out of the muggle work force? Bosses who didn’t understand alignment and co-workers who exuded negativity. And yet here we are, saddling our big business dream with more of the same.

4. We’re programmed for struggle.

Traditional ideas about struggle and grit and hustle overwhelm our inner knowing about how unhappy journeys don’t have happy endings.

Plus, everyone we know who succeeded in business did it by … fill in the blank. They networked their butts off, they figured out how to get good PR, they were well connected, they invested a fortune, or whatever.

All outsiders see are the actions that unfolded. They’re not privy to the vibrations that led to the outcomes, so we tend to underestimate the value of vibration management and overestimate the power of action.

So whether it’s because we don’t know how, it seems so important, we have non-magic mentors/partners, or we’re still programmed for struggle, there are a variety of reasons conscious creators muggle up their business.

The good news is just becoming aware that you’re leaving your conscious creation magic behind can help change your ways!

But I’ve got more help than that, too …

I’m leading an 8 week group event for biz owners and solopreneurs called Vibration Bosses to bring the manifesting magic to their business dreams.Vibration Bosses Program

When I created this program last year it sold out twice over in one weekend after GVU members got an early look at it.

Since then I have refined the content, adding two new installments, along with a workbook of clear and practical alignment exercises. Plus I made a super cool signup bonus for us to play with, as well. 🙂

If you’re in business for yourself as a freelancer, solopreneur, or service professional, and you’d like LOA savvy support in manifesting your biz dreams, we start February 1st and you’re invited.

Listen at the podcast.

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