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Twin souls and Soulmates: what’s the difference?

We are all connected to each other with our hearts. The idea that we are all one is also called Unity Consciousness. Despite that unity, there are still special connections between people, souls. These are also called twin soul connections or soulmate connections. There is, so to speak, a special match between those souls, which can remain so throughout incarnations. What exactly is the difference between twin souls and soulmates? You’ll read about it in this blog!

Reality as a stage

Now imagine that the reality you can perceive is a theater play, and behind the curtain we are all one. Then you can look at yourself in a meditative state with a certain distance. You can see yourself as a human being, as a being, who is here on Earth to have experiences, to connect with another part of ourselves.

Resistance and manifestation of True Love

Many people are looking for their soulmate, their twin soul or the One. From the perspective of unity consciousness, you are looking for the connection to that One of which we are all essentially a part of. The more you look for that One/The True One in the form of a person, the more you resist truly manifesting true love in your life.

The role of reincarnation in Twin Souls and Soul Mates

You could say that in different lives, you have different things to figure out. Likewise, you meet different people with whom you can have new experiences. It is not strange to have a déjà-vu, the feeling that you know someone from a previous life. It was so rewarding to learn and grow with that soul that you decided – outside of space and time – to meet again, in another life, with different variables. A sister may return as a lover, or a best friend may return as a mother.

What is a soulmate?

You can define a soulmate or soul buddy as the person or persons with whom you are currently connected. So basically, that’s anyone. Anyone, and therefore also someone you have known before from one or more lives. So a soulmate doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship. A soulmate can also be a train passenger who helps you on your way. Or the checkout lady who smiles kindly at you and makes your day better. A boyfriend or girlfriend, brother, sister, other family member; whether you’re always fighting or experiencing the best relationship ever, soulmates are buddies who help your soul grow.

Sometimes you struggle with the same themes, but on a completely different plane. Especially soulmates who give you challenges can be of great support for the ultimate growth you want to go through.

Your own heart makes choices. You make choices.

If you are with your soulmate for a long time, and in the end it doesn’t work out for you, then what? You break up, you still love each other… it could still be your soulmate. Maybe not on the romantic level, but on another level. Or maybe you don’t see each other anymore. In fact it doesn’t matter: we are all one with the Great Whole and several matches are possible. You don’t have to stay together with your soulmate for your whole life.

When are you Twin Souls with someone?

A twin soul bond is a special bond. Like soulmates, the bond often goes beyond lovers who share one life. It is a soul bond that exists for one or more lifetimes.
A twin soul usually comes from the same Soul Group, or Oversoul. They often have a similar vibrational number or corresponding frequency. Thus, one twin soul may be the counterpart of the other twin soul.

Being each other’s counterpart means that one embodies more feminine aspects and the other more masculine aspects, for example. This is not gender-related, but has to do with balance of yin and yang. For example, one may be more active and decisive, and the other listening and healing in receiving energy. But the vibration or frequency to which you are attuned is of the same level.

Is he my Twin Soul? Is she my Twin Soul?

When you catch yourself believing that you are only half a soul yourself, looking for the True One who is your other half, you will most likely not meet your twin soul. It is important to experience yourself as a whole soul. What helps you to get to your core and experience yourself as whole?
If you experience yourself as whole, you will also attract people who experience themselves as whole. And so the relationship that may follow can find a healthy balance sooner than a relationship based on half-souls who need the other to make themselves whole.

The relationship with a Twin Soul

If twin souls balance each other well and there is a harmony, in which both parties “hold space” (a sacred space where everything may be) for each other, then a very beautiful relationship can develop.

It can also go the other way: twin souls who are out of balance can fight each other like fire and water. The souls can still love each other so much, but cannot stand each other on a human level.

Some people place a twin soul higher in the hierarchy than a soulmate. However, both are important connections.

How do I find my Twin Soul or Soulmate?

By feeling and owning your own power, and living from your core (from within!), you no longer have to externalize the love you want. In other words, you no longer have to look outward to find a soul mate, but you work from within and automatically attract those people and experiences that do you good in the here-and-now.

In fact, if you follow the path of your heart and the path of least resistance, you will attract those people (soulmates and twin souls) on your path who will support you. Support can be in the broadest sense of the word: a big challenge can also support you to grow further, to choose for yourself, or to take a different path. For example, a boss who suddenly fires you can still be a soul mate at that moment, because at one closing door a new door opens.

Increasing Frequency to Unconditional Love

By doing what you love most, you come into one of the very highest frequencies. You radiate your love for life from your soul core. Chances are that you connect more easily with people who vibrate on that same vibration.
In that unconditional love-vibration you will also be able to feel very clearly who suits you and who doesn’t (provided that you are well attuned to your own Truth and listen to the signals of your perception systems).

Always good?

Some twin soul matches turn out catastrophically because the individuals are not a good fit in this lifetime and approach each other in destructive ways. Fortunately, it is possible to adjust a soul contract, put it in the here and now, take back your own inner power and make choices that are in your highest good.

Living life to your heart

Lastly, it can help to let go of the concepts of twin souls and soulmates. And just BE. Do your thing, here on Earth, that which is most close to your heart and fulfills it and makes you happy. We are all connected, and in that network of connections there is support from fellow humans. It does not matter whether you call them soul mates or Gert or Jodie or Bob, beyond ‘the theater’ you can still watch from a distance to the beautiful spectacle called life.

The Twin Soul rings

So now that you know that anyone you meet in life can be your soulmate, you can confidently purchase the Twin Soul ring set. One ring for yourself, and one ring for your soulmate. A sacred geometric connection to express the manifested twin soul energy. Even if you haven’t found that twin soul yet, these rings can help you attract the soulmate/twinsoul who vibrates on your frequency. They help you, to open your daily consciousness to experiencing twin souls and soulmates. It works both as a strengthening of and an addition to the relationship.

Sebastiaan Fiolet

Founder & Designer of Sacred Creation

Sebastiaan is a Dutch Product Engineer with a peculiar interest in Sacred Geometry.
In 2015, he founded Sacred Creation to follow his passion to design Sacred Geometric Products.Website

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