Sacred Geometry

The sound of silence

Formlessness wants to become form.

Divinity can be drawn as a sphere which represents the silent wholeness that animates all creation. This healing Source, or pure being, is implied yet permeates the entire universe. The circle represents the union of unmanifested unconsciousness with manifested consciousness. Once upon a time, this winged disc graced Egyptian temples:

What colour is the universe? Well, infrared  is “invisible light” that makes up most of the energy hitting Earth’s surface. This electromagnetic radiation has a longer wavelength than visible light and therefore doesn’t activate the photoreceptors in our eyes. If infra means “below,” we might say that the feminine and masculine snakes are the energy and momentum aspects of the cosmic infrared background made up of waves and particles.

As creation is sounded, a pattern appears called the Sri Yantra. The Sri Yantra, or Yantra of Creation, blossoms as the first sound is intoned. The word yantra means “geometric mantra” and it is sometimes known as a power diagram. A yantra is really a lotus that a mantra creates. In modern times, we can find these mandalas in pursuits like cymatics.

The Sri Yantra is an ancient yet perennial symbol that contains a “dot” from which geometric shapes radiate. These are used to balance the right and left aspects of the brain or to open the heart. The Sri Yantra represents the timeless creative principle of the universe—the lotus of love.

According to Carl Jung, the Self signified the unification of consciousness and unconsciousness in a person. It was realised as the product of individuation, which in his view was the process of integrating various aspects of one’s personality. For Jung, the Self was an encompassing whole that acted as a container. It could be symbolised by a circle, a square or a mandala.

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