Law of Attraction

That’s Not What I Meant

Engaged and interested, I said.

Healthy and grounded.

Let him be empathetic and supportive.

Sexy would be nice.

And happy! And friendly!

I’d also like him respectful and well-resourced. Committed and loving.

Make him compatible, and enjoyable, too.

I put it all on a list, because that manifesting method works well for me. (A light touch goes a long way for me when manifesting love interests.)

And an amazing guy showed up just like that!

I said, “Dang, Universe, you delivered!”

We were having a great time, until I noticed a few things missing.

So I added giving, helpful, and adoring to my list.

That was a little bit ago.

And it just occurred to me the other day, as I was looking at the list while brushing my teeth, that Universe might consider this one already delivered. Even with the extra additions.

I mean, have you heard me rave about this guy?

Harvey the Best Dog Ever

He’s not exactly new in my life, but … he checks all the boxes!

(Okay, he might not qualify as “sexy,” but maybe Universe figured handsome was close enough.)

Because honestly, Harvey is the most fabulous everything I ever could have conjured!

And it isn’t at all what I meant.

Is this a lesson about not leaving loopholes for Universe, or is it inspiration to realize manifestations can come in ways so unexpectedly we might miss them altogether?

Maybe I should have known higher power would take the path of least resistance (and let’s face it, most likely success) by delivering my love interest on four legs.

I can’t even complain that it took a shortcut because technically Universe met everything I put on the list. (That is, if I give them a pass on “sexy” and consider “giving” and “well-resourced” as an excellent ability to find the hiding cat when I ask for help or to alert to strangers in the hood.)

So it might not be what I meant, but it is what I wanted.

If you’ve got any lists on your wall that you think haven’t been answered yet, maybe look again, because …

  • Sometimes our jobs already have an opportunity for advancement or we already have fabulous co-workers we just haven’t noticed yet.
  • Sometimes our homes are already dream come true places to be.
  • Sometimes our finances already afford us freedoms we just haven’t awarded ourselves yet.

This goes for our bodies (which are always already amazing and beautiful); our creative success (you can’t see more until you feel what you’ve already got); even adventurous travel is often much closer than we realize.

So instead of this post being a caution about closing the important loopholes in your requests to Universe, let it be an invitation to see if your desire has already been delivered in a way you didn’t expect.

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