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The world is crazypants, right? Like, you turn on the news and you’re convinced it’s satire… except that the same thing is happening on every channel. It’s hard to deny the level of chaos that we wake up to. Every. Single. Day.

You could stick your head in the sand and wait it out, but where’s the fun in that? More to the point, where’s the advantage in that? If the world is spiralling into chaos, it’s time to master chaos… by mastering Chaos Magick.

What is Chaos Magick?

“But I don’t want to make even MORE chaos in this madness,” I hear you exclaim!

Ah hah, I reply, that’s the beauty of Chaos Magick. You aren’t making any more chaos. You’re harnessing what’s already there. If you want to get scientific, chaos is the more common word for entropy, or “state of disorder.” This is the natural state of the universe—just like if you don’t actively clean your house, it will revert to being a disordered mess. You exert your will on your house to order it, and you exert your will on the universe to order it, too!

What Can Chaos Magick Do?

Chaos and upheaval are times of opportunity, where anything can happen. Using Chaos Magick allows you to connect with the people, situations, and events that will bring about the outcome you desire. Your job is to focus on the outcome, without thinking too much about how that outcome is going to happen.

Chaos Magick is also known as results magick, because the focus of any Chaos Magick technique is about getting some desired result in the real world. It could be a new career or romantic relationship, a chance to travel, or even a change in your own personality. Magick changes you and how you see the world, so that you can connect with more opportunities to get and be exactly what you want… as long as you know what that is.

More traditional forms of magickal practice relies heavily on grimoires, rituals, dedicated spaces and clothing, as well as ritual items and astrological timing. Chaos magick strips away any of the trappings that might be too much of a burden to your practice. Where ritual magicians rely on these items for ambiance, chaos magicians create more personalized practices that may or may not involve any ritual items at all.

Why is Chaos Magick So Powerful?

What IS necessary is the willingness to change what you believe. Whether you believe magick works or doesn’t work, you’re right! Your belief will determine what you perceive AND what you achieve. (This is true for everything in life, by the way.) You can leave the idea of one universal objective truth at the door, since chaos magick uses personal belief as your primary tool to change your reality. You can think of chaos magick as hacking your reality.

This is why Chaos Magick is so powerful: It’s rooted in your own belief, and your own power.

To change what you believe, you must first examine what you already believe, and resolve any conflicts between that and what you want to be, receive or achieve. And to do that, your mind must be still enough to hear your own thoughts. If you don’t yet have a meditation practice, now is the time to start. Meditation is necessary to clear your mind and develop your focus. Meditation is the springboard from which you will enter altered states of consciousness—such as inhibitory and ecstatic gnosis. You will first develop a “no-mind” state; then you will learn single-pointed focus.

Once you can get your brain to go quiet for more than 15 seconds at a time, you’ll slowly begin to work your way up to 30 minutes, then 60 minutes. Clarity of mind will allow you to understand your own True Will, your purpose in life. When you have clarity of purpose, you cannot be derailed by distractions, and making decisions to direct the path of your life becomes almost effortless. Having a purpose is like a filter: if something fits your purpose, go towards it; if it doesn’t fit, don’t give it your attention.

Is Chaos Magick Dangerous?

Like all forms of magick, Chaos Magick can backfire if you aren’t careful. While there aren’t any rules for chaos magick (that would defeat the whole premise), there are rules that the universe runs on, and you can’t break those. For example, trying to manipulate someone else’s free will always ends in some kind of disaster, and if you’re trying to cause harm, remember that the effect will be strongest in yourself.

Can you do Chaos Magick? Of course you can! Thousands of students just like you are successfully using Chaos Magick thanks to the lessons at Magick.Me. The Magick.Me Core Curriculum will teach you the techniques and skills you’ll use as a chaos magician, like creating sigils and working with your dreams. You’ll learn both Basic and Advanced Chaos Magick, as well as Hardcore Meditation, Tarot Mastery, and how to Unlock your True Will, your purpose in life. These classes will give you everything you need to know to successfully use Chaos Magick and so much more!

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