Law of Attraction

Progressing on the Spiritual Path in 2020, by Tracy Friend

“Every moment is a fresh beginning.” T.S. Eliot

Our spiritual path will usually continue to evolve over time as we release more and more beliefs that aren’t our true nature and come into greater connection with our true self.

The Law of Attraction teachings recognise that it is completely valid to want to manifest certain things in our lives. I have seen for some people that when they have manifested a comfortable life situation that the emphasis in their spiritual practice then shifts from the conditions of their life experience to more of an internal focus on how they would like to feel and their connection to Source. This was the same for myself, when I first discovered the Law of Attraction my emphasis was on increasing well-being and changing different areas of life experience. However, now my emphasis is much more on doing practices that facilitate being more in a natural state of love and connection.

The start of a new year can be a good time to reflect on why we are pursuing our spiritual path. The reason/(s) why we are pursuing a spiritual path can then determine what practices we place emphasis upon incorporating into our daily life. For example, if our main intention is to make changes to outer circumstances in our lives, Law of Attraction focusing methods could be the most beneficial. However, if our intention is on coming increasingly into our natural state of presence then certain specific meditation practices might be more appropriate.

It can also be helpful to reflect on how we can keep our spiritual journey alive, inspired and with new possibilities rather than monotonous. For myself, inspiration comes from maintaining a daily spiritual practice, continuing to read and listen to material from different spiritual paths and going on retreats now and then which I find helpful for going deeper in the practice in an environment that is conducive to doing so without the usual routines of everyday life.

It can often feel very meaningful to reflect on spiritual experiences we’ve had as we may start to see a thread that seems to weave it’s way through our life experience with things such as beautiful synchronicities and moments of presence that can help us to remember that we do live in a benevolent, interconnected Universe. If inspired, you might like to write a list of things that you appreciate from 2019 and to include on the list any positive spiritual experiences and synchronicities that you had.

If there has been a particular difficulty on our path that we haven’t managed to transcend previously, we might bring a renewed resolve to maintain or strengthen our positive focus. For instance, if there was debris accumulated in a river by gently continuing to wash parts of it away, there will come a time when it has gone completely. With challenges that seem to persist we might also like to ask the Universe something along the lines of “Please allow me to see this through the eyes of Source.” or “Please guide me to the most effective way to positively move through this.”

In addition to having a spiritual practice at a particular time/(s) of the day, to deepen and progress on our path, it can be very helpful to develop a more continuously mindful attitude. This assists with our spiritual practice becoming more and more integrated into all aspects of our life rather than just being an activity we do at certain times. By observing thoughts, feelings and sensations in the body as we go about our day to day lives we strengthen the witnessing consciousness part of our mind and increasingly develop the ability to ‘rest in awareness’ which assists with unravelling any beliefs that aren’t our true nature.


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