Origin of The Hermetic Philosophy

The origin of the Hermetic philosophy dates back thousands of years. The HERMETIC PHILOSOPHY – is considered to be a pearl of ancient and eternal wisdom.

Hermes is identical to the god of wisdom Tehuti (Greek: Thoth). In the drawings of the Osiris Temple in Abydos, Tehuti reaches the ankh cross – the symbol of life – to Pharaoh Sethos I, in the form of Osiris.

Originating from Egypt

It is widely acknowledged that the philosophy of hermeticism originates from ancient Egypt. This opinion is also highly seasoned with platonic ideas (which are also considered to be derived from Egyptian cosmology). The aim of Plato’s teachings was that personal mastery of life must come first and foremost, and could be achieved through knowledge which he believed was closely associated with “memory.”


This philosophy also includes the “doctrine of forms” – a concept that implies that the physical world is derived from intangible or formless and unknowable principles.

From 1 to 3 and 7

Egyptian symbolism is based on triads or trinity. The cosmic families have emerged from multiples of three that are based on polarized pairs or pairs that together create a third and unique entity. According to the hermetic teachings, there is at the same time a seven-part structure on all existing plans. There is, therefore, seven times this state of cosmic existence through which universal consciousness expresses itself. The hermetic scale, thus, contains the universal key to all organic life.

The hermetic teachings of Tehuti

Both the Bible and the Kabbalah have deep roots in hermetic science. Originating from the Egyptian wisdom god Tehuti, whom the Greeks first called Thoth. Later he received the Greek name Hermes, while the Romans called him Mercury, but all these various names cover the same Egyptian “god of wisdom”.

The Emerald Boards

Hermes Trismegistos means “the threefold great Hermes,” and his first physical task as a world teacher is said to be in ancient Egypt. His most famous work is the emerald green boards. It is also assumed that Hermes was Abraham’s teacher, and Hermes was and still is considered a god of wisdom. Among the art forms and science teachings that Hermes revealed to mankind, we will find medicine, chemistry, law, art, astrology, music, (Hermes invented the lyric), rhetoric, magic, philosophy, geography, mathematics (especially geometry), anatomy, and rhetoric.

What does Francis Barrett, In Biographia Antigua, says about Hermes..?

“If God has ever appeared as a human being, it was in the shape of Hermes. It clearly shows his books on Pymander. These works deal with the creation and all the divine knowledge of the future. Here, Hermes proves that he is not only divinely inspired but also a great philosopher who receives wisdom from God.”

Francis Barrett, “Biographia Antigua”

All primary education of all human races can be traced back to Hermes. Even the very oldest Indian wisdom doctrine has its roots in the original wisdom doctrine. Furthermore, it is interesting that the great Giza pyramid was built at Hermes’ time. And that Jesus – according to spiritual science – was consecrated in the esoteric laws and principles of ancient Egypt. Jesus, at the age of 13, was ordained in Jerusalem in hermetic science and in the Kabbalah.

There are seven principles of truth. The principle of mentalism – of correspondence – of vibration – of polarity – of rhythm – of cause and effect – and of the two sexes.

“The Messenger of the Gods”

Origin of The Hermetic Philosophy - Origin of The Hermetic Philosophy - Scientific Occultism

The Hermetic doctrine is still firmly rooted in today’s culture. For example, Caduceus is a known symbol, which is used as a logo for the pharmaceutical industry. The reason is that Hermes was regarded as the author of the alchemy (chemistry). It was also he who introduced the esoteric doctrine and astrology (astronomy) to humanity. When talking about Hermes, there is really talk of only pure intelligence.


Hermes Trismegistos can be regarded as the divine physician and as the messenger of the gods. It is these gods that the Hebrews call Elohim. Elohim is the word translated in the first chapter of Genesis by “God,” but should be translated by “gods” because the Hebrew word elohim is a plural word. These Elohim are not the One or the Supreme God or Jehovah, but correspond to the secret teachings of the Dhyan Chohan, who are the “builders.”

God allegedly has seven creative powers, and the nuance of power comes among others. They are expressed in the seven colors of the rainbow. Elohim – the gods – can be seen as “thrones” for the One God, the One being – the life-light itself. Elohim is the creative force of the One God, and they are symbolically displayed on the “tree of life” as the seven Sephiroth in Kabbalah. These sephiroth’s are identical to the seven centers in the human body. These vital centers known as chakras, that connect human inner nature (thoughts, feelings, and soul life) to the outer physical form. In this way, the inner life communicates with its outer tool, and it invigorates all instances through this depletion of energy. The centers maintain and maintain the physical tool and act as a direct communication link to higher intelligence.

Everything is moving – everything vibrates, and according to the hermetic teachings, healing consists in a positive change of vibration. Hermetic alchemy is also the art and science of transforming the personality by means of knowledge. Alchemy also means union with God by means of science. One can say that alchemy is the science of magic.

Humans are living consciousness maintained by the spirit.

All humans are a microcosm within the macrocosm, and in this light, all women and men are truly goddesses and gods, which contain all the powers of consciousness found in cosmic consciousness.

The mental transmutation (using the mental body) causes the mind to transmute from one level to another – from degree to degree – from state to state – from pole to pole – from vibration to vibration. True hermetic transmutation is a mental art. And healing is the art or science of a positive created transformation of the mind. True healing is the integration of mind and body with spirit. When healing is completed or integrated, the alchemist takes an active part in his own personal growth.

Origin of The Hermetic Philosophy

True healing is a realization that you are one with God (the original will and intention and the universe’s boundless creative intelligence) – that one is God who appears in the form of one’s self exactly as one is.

Hermetic science is genuine knowledge that leads to wisdom – and wisdom is the direct experience of this sublime truth.

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