Law of Attraction

Miracle Grease

Do you know how close your next dream come true is?

Closer than you realize, especially if you’ve been doing alignment work to call it in.

Sometimes all we need to give it the final cue to arrive is a little miracle grease.

How do we do that? What are the cues that let Universe know it’s time to deliver our next big win?

It’s likely easier than you think!

Here are a couple of ways to grease the wheels for miracles to turn right into our reality …

1. Take the afternoon off.
Find a way to relax. Make some space in your life. Take some deep breaths.

Maybe look away for a minute. Get distracted with something delightful to take your mind off of what you’ve been waiting on.

Lots of times that’s all it takes to upgrade your vibe a notch and let your next dream come true.

2. Enjoy an inspired action or two.
What sounds good? What’s been calling you? What would feel good to engage?

Even if it doesn’t seem related, if it’s your idea of a good time – it is!

Your inner being may have been hollering at you to do this next fun thing as the final ingredient to your miracle manifestation.

3. Have a good belly laugh.
You know the magic of laughter, right? Sometimes it’s the final key to let that cool thing enter physical reality.

Watch your favorite comedian, call your funny friend, join a laughter yoga call. Whatever induces your best gigglefest may very well be the final magic touch for your next miracle come true.

4. String together some better feeling thoughts.
Sometimes our thoughts get stalled out in mediocre vibrational territory, and all we need to kickstart a good dream come true is a couple of better feeling thoughts.

Only you know what those are, and it’s worth getting good at finding them and letting them do the vibration-raising work for you!

You can also always use LOA tried and true techniques of:

There are all sorts of ways you can upgrade your vibe just a little bit to let that big dream come true once and for all.

Just reading this post might do the trick!

If nothing else, just know that your next manifested miracle is easier than you think and closer than you know.

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