Law of Attraction

It’s Not the Lemon Juice

You know how you can tell the difference when someone says “I love you” out of rote repetition or expectation versus when they really mean it?

The words can be the same, but the meaning, the emotion and the vibration behind it are totally different.

It turns out it’s the same for us when it comes to taking action to create what we want.

Universe (or whatever you call the forces that respond to our vibrational instruction) can tell the difference even when the actions and words are the same. The world responds to our vibration, not our actions.

Even when the actions are the same, when we take them with a different vibration we get different results.

I know we all know this. This is LOA 101. I know it, too.

And yet, I recently found myself contemplating just skipping the vibrational alignment part and getting right to the actions that worked for me last time I wanted results.

Listeners of the podcast heard my report that I lost the results when I stopped my alignment practice for physical thriving at the beginning of the year.

As paddleboard season approaches, I thought I should get back on the old routine to build some strength, stamina, balance and fitness before I’m hauling a board to the lake in a swimsuit again.

And I know exactly how I got there last time: it was daily lemon juice, yoga, and lots of salads and smoothies. The vibration plate was part of it, too, along with regular dog walks.

I could just do that again, right? I know the routine. No need to plug in to the “physical thriving” vibe because I already know the actions that work.

Except – it’s not the actions that worked.

It was the vibration.

The vibrational activation is the key part of the formula that is not optional. It’s where the magic comes from. Without it, nothing is the same.

And I’ll very likely get the same (or similar) inspirations when I plug in again to the vibe of having what I want. But I won’t know until I take the crucial step.

Because it’s the plugging in that makes the difference, not the lemon juice or the yoga.

Worth remembering that action without an aligned vibration is wasted effort. Put your energy where it counts: in finding the feeling of having what you want. And then do whatever you’re inspired to after that.

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