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Can Horoscope Predict Baby Gender? (Truth Revealed)

“Am I having a boy or girl?” is the first question that pops into the mind of the couple after discovering that they are pregnant.

In the modern world, the baby’s gender in pregnancy can be determined as early as 7 to 14 weeks with ultrasonography and blood test.

However, there are also many other non-medical ways to find the sex of a baby that might come in handy and be fun as well.

Analyzing horoscopes of parents, predicting with the Chinese calendar, listening to the heartbeat, and feeling the movement of the baby in the womb are popular methods that people use to predict baby gender though they are not as accurate as medical methods.

In this post, we will cover everything you need to know about predicting the gender of the baby using a horoscope. You’ll find out the answer to questions, like: Can horoscope predict baby gender? If yes, how? And should you believe in the horoscope for the prediction?

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Can horoscope predict baby gender?

In 2018, the International Journal of Jyotish Research conducted a study to find out how accurate is Vedic astrology in predicting the gender of unborn babies.

They studied the horoscope of parents of already born 100 children, 58 male and 42 female. The sex of the baby was not revealed to astrologers who were to analyze the chart of parents. Astrologer analyzes the position of planets and their influence in a different house and gave their prediction about the sex of children that parents could have.


The astrologer gives their prediction with an overall success ratio of 92% in which 54% was male and 38% was female babies.

This study also showed that the 11th house of the father horoscope and the 7th house of both father and mother horoscope is significant for gender prediction of the first and second child respectively.

Though the research reveals a high success rate for gender prediction using astrology, people have mixed responses about it.

Some people believe that astrologers can correctly predict the gender of babies in pregnancy, while others say that astrologers do only slightly better than random guessing while predicting the sex of unborn babies.

In addition to that, there is not enough scientific evidence to support the fact that astrology can predict the baby’s gender with more accuracy.

Due to different opinions about predicting baby gender with horoscope, it is hard to figure out whom to trust and what to believe.

Our opinion?

We believe in astrology and its prediction about different aspects of life. In astrology, to get accurate predictions, you need to have correct information about your birth such as date, time, and location. Not only that, you need to consult a professional astrologer for more accuracy.

That said, even if you do everything correctly to get an accurate horoscope reading for the prediction of a baby’s gender, you can not be 100% sure about the result. Plus, the horoscope reading can’t match the accuracy of  prediction of baby gender using Ultrasonography, Blood test, or other medical techniques

So, we recommend you to not take the astrology reading too seriously. There is a high chance of error when predicting the baby’s gender using the horoscope. Take it as hope or fun.

That said if you’re still interested to learn how the astrologer predicts the baby gender, keep reading.

How do astrologers predict the baby’s gender in pregnancy?

To predict the baby’s gender in pregnancy, astrologers analyze the horoscope chart of both mother and father simultaneously.

In a horoscope chart, there are 12 signs named after constellations. A horoscope chart is the diagrammatic representation of the pathway followed by the earth around the sun which makes a circle with 360 degrees. This circle is divided into 12 parts called the zodiac signs.

Similarly, there are 12 houses in the horoscope chart representing different aspects of life. And, there are 10 planets each influencing life of a person in a unique way depending upon their position in one’s horoscope chart.

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Each planet and zodiac signs have either feminine or masculine characteristics. Here is the list of planets and zodiac sign and their gender qualities:


  • Male- Jupiter, Mars, and Sun
  • Female-Moon, Venus, Neptune, and Pluto
  • Neuter- Mercury, and Uranus

Zodiac sign:

  • Male- Libra, Gemini, Aquarius, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Female-Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

To put it simply, astrologers study the position and strength of male and female plants in the different zodiac signs and houses.

Mainly, baby gender is predicted by analyzing the planets and their influence in the 5th house which is related to fertility, children, and progeny.

In addition to that, astrologers also keep eye on the position of Jupiter in the husband and wife horoscope chart as it plays a significant role in deciding the sex of the child.

If Jupiter is placed in the male sign or conjoined with male planets, then there is a high chance to have a male child. Similarly, if Jupiter is associated with masculine signs or planets, then there are more chances for the female child.

To sum up, astrologers predict the baby’s gender in pregnancy by studying the position of planets and zodiac signs. They look at the gender characteristics of the planet and signs present in the 5th house. Plus, they also analyze Jupiter and its association with different planets and signs to give predictions on the sex of unborn children.

Should you believe in horoscope prediction?

As mentioned above, there is a lack of scientific evidence to support the accuracy of gender prediction using astrology. Furthermore, there is a mixed response among people for predicting the baby’s gender by reading the horoscope of parents.

That’s why we recommend not to fully believe in the horoscope prediction about baby gender. Not any method for gender prediction are more accurate than ultrasonography and blood test.

That said, consult a professional astrologer for more accuracy in gender prediction during pregnancy if you’re interested to use astrology.

Other ways to predict the sex of babies in pregnancy

#1 Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart (Chinese Calender)

Chinese baby gender prediction chart is one of the most popular gender prediction methods. It predicts the baby’s gender by analyzing the lunar age of the mother and lunar month of conception.

It is said that the accuracy of gender prediction with the Chinese calendar method is about 70-90%. However, there is no scientific basis for that.

Remember, the lunar age is not the same as the actual age. To use a Chinese baby gender prediction chart, you need to know your lunar age. If you want to avoid the complexity of finding the lunar age and predict the baby’s gender by simply typing your birth date and date of conception, click here.

Similar to the Chinese Calendar, there are Japanese, Mayan, and Indian baby gender calendars but they are not as popular as it. And, they too don’t have any scientific basis for gender prediction.

#2 Fetal movement

It is believed that the strength of baby movement can also predict the sex of the baby. More active babies in the womb are believed to be a boy and the less active ones are girls.

But, like many other old wive’s tales, it has also no scientific evidence. In fact, research has shown that fetal movement depends on the mother’s weight, posture, and activity and it has no correlation with the sex of the baby.

#3 Heart rate

Like fetal movement, some people claim that baby gender can be predicted by analyzing the fetal heart rate as early as the first trimester.

They believe that male babies have heartbeats slower than 140 beats per minute, while female child babies have a faster hearts beat.

But, research has shown that there is no difference in the heart rate among male and female babies in the early trimester.

In addition to these methods, there are myths that baby gender can be predicted by the color of urine, blood pressure of mother, and appetite of the mother during pregnancy.


Astrologers study the horoscope chart of both mother and father to predict the baby’s gender.

Especially, they see the male and female planets present in the 5th house and their influence in it. Plus, they also look at Jupiter and its position in the horoscope chart to give predictions on baby gender.

When it comes to the accuracy of horoscope prediction of baby gender, there is not sufficient evidence to support it. That means horoscope prediction is not accurate as ultrasonography and blood test to predict a baby’s sex.

So, don’t take the result of the horoscope prediction of the baby genre too seriously.

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