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7 Steps to Healing Your Body

A Facebook follower asked, “If you could share Boni, what do YOU do when faced with illness, whether it’s the common cold, something requiring surgery or an ailment that takes awhile to settle down?

I’m having dental issues all from a simple filling but this has been going on for months & causing a lot of pain physically—but the emotional portion is really stressing me out. I read that that the tooth in question is related to issues with ‘mother’ as per the metaphysical reasoning.

I’m really trying to affirm all day that my tooth is fine, my body can heal itself and each day it is getting better—but to no avail.”


Whether you’ve come down with a cold or are facing a life-threatening illness, healing your body can be tricky.

Why? Because when you’re in it (i.e. not dead) your body seems so real. On top of that, when you don’t feel well you’re not on top of your game. Plus, you live in a world that idolizes the medical professions (in most countries).

These factors make it tough to get the mental and emotional space you need to heal when you’re sick or injured. So my advice is, pay attention to this now. Don’t wait until you get sick. Today is a great day to change the way you think about your body and approach your health.

In fact, the first steps of healing your body are best taken before you get sick or injured:

1.  Investigate your options

When my son was diagnosed with a serious eye disease as a young boy, I of course took him to an allopathic (American Medical Association) doctor. The problem was, they couldn’t help him. They didn’t know what caused or what cured this particular disease. All they could hope to do was to treat the symptoms.

This information (or lack thereof) led me to investigate alternative medicine. In fact, I investigated it so thoroughly I began teaching introductory classes on it at our local adult education center.

As I see it, there are different types of healing and if you imagine them on a continuum, on one end would be surgery/drugs and on the other end spontaneous healing.

In between you have various modalities, such as (non-inclusive list):

a.  Internal support: i.e. Herbs/diet
b.  External support: i.e. Acupuncture/chiropractic
c.  Internal energetic support with physical substances: i.e. Classical homeopathy/Flower essences
d.  Internal energetic support with no physical substances: i.e. Energy medicine taken internally
e.  External energetic support with no physical substances: i.e. Reiki/hands on healing/radionics

I suggest researching the modalities that speak to you. Which ones are you interested in? Which ones seem intriguing? Which ones resonate with you?

2.  Choose your healing strategy

It’s important to know that no one strategy works for everyone. We are each unique and the most supportive thing you can do is to honor that uniqueness.

It’s also important to know that in order to heal in the easiest and most elegant way possible, it’s best to let go of judgments about the modalities you don’t resonate with. There’s nothing wrong with allopathic medicine—in fact, if I break a bone I’m headed to the nearest ER.

You may choose to mix allopathic medicine and alternative medicine (I have). And for this step you don’t have to have a plan for every possible ailment. But know what your “go to” is for different maladies.

For instance, I seem to be prone to conjunctivitis when I travel and diluted Rue Fennel tincture heals it every time. Bladder infections respond to cranberry supplements for me. I keep a well-stocked health pantry with these items, homeopathic remedies, Bach flower remedies and various other favorites.

If something doesn’t respond to my “home remedies” I have a support team of pros I work with (see #4).

3.  Make certain your beliefs are in alignment with your chosen strategy

I am over 60 years old. I’ve never been on medication for more than 10 days—and even that was decades ago. I’ve had one outpatient surgery in my life. I don’t have an allopathic doctor and I doubt I ever will.

But that strategy is for my belief system. Many people would disagree with my approach, and I would not encourage them otherwise.

We each must respect our own beliefs when it comes to healing our bodies.

If you belief tootsie rolls will heal your cancer—they will. Belief is that powerful. And—beliefs can be changed.

I do suggest everyone makes certain they hold this belief:

Everything is healable.

As well as this one:

The earth contains everything one would ever need to bring the body to a state of health.

Once you’ve changed your beliefs to be in alignment with your chosen strategy, I suggest you…

4.  Assemble your health support team

After you’ve chosen your general healing strategy, it is time to search for the professionals to support you in health.  Get referrals from your friends. Try some healers out. Experiment with the “home remedies” you feel drawn to. And be sure your intention is clear that you “Will draw to you the professional who can best support your healing and health, with ease, elegance and harm to none.”

It has taken me a number of years to assemble the team I currently work with. I see one practitioner for help with my physical/structural body, although he does work with energy.

I see another for acute illness and preventative healing of predispositions to disease (miasms). With two parents who died young of cancer, this was a must for me.

And I work with a third over the phone on a regular basis healing emotionally and energetically.

Together they are my “Dream (Health) Team”. And I stay healthy—pretty much all of the time.

But most of us face body challenges sooner or later, and it’s good to know to what to do after you become sick or injured…

Read part II of 7 Steps to Healing Your Body

With love and light,

P.S. I’d love to hear what you think about the body and it’s amazing capacity to heal—especially with your help. Please leave your comments below.

One way to get internal energetic support is through working with crystals.  Our Crystals for Health Kit helps you focus on creating glorious health through setting intentions, discovering (and changing) beliefs, and action steps to get there.  Plus, there is a bonus ritual and crystal grid to support you in this work.  Create the health and vitality that your magical body is ready to provide you!

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