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10 Ways to De-Muggle a Partner

Every other day I send a short note to Good Vibe U members reminding them of their power and how to use it.

One day a GVU Boost (that’s what I call them) went out with a subject title “10 Ways to De-Muggle Your Partner” and it read:

Look, I would click on this subject, too …

But it’s a trick proposition.

If we need to de-muggle our partner (or family, or co-workers, or friends or anyone), we’re the muggle in the house.

It’s anti-magic and disempowering to think something or someone out there needs to change so we can have a better time.

Conscious creators aren’t dependent on or hindered by anything outside ourselves in order to be our most happy and magical selves.

Whew, what a relief!

So yes, the subject title was in jest.

But I got more replies to that note than any other so far. Some laughing along and others asking, “Yeah, but really, how do you do it?”

They wanted me to deliver on the subject title. And I’m no trickster, so while I stand by my original thought that needing another person to change so we can feel better is not the LOA way, I can share thoughts about what to do when:

  • It feels like our positive work is being undone by a negative partner, or
  • It gets tiring being the only one holding good vibrations, or
  • We feel like so much more would be possible if they would join us in creating it, or
  • We want to make it easier to maintain our positive momentum, without having to battle our significant others as well as inner doubts/gremlins/fears.

Whether it’s our spouse, housemate, colleagues or business partner, it can get old when we’re constantly battling the negative input of those around us.

Are there LOA legit ethical ways we can de-muggle our loved ones?

Sure, but before we go there, this is my official disclaimer/reminder about what works best:

  • Don’t need them to be different.
  • Your power is always at your disposal to engage, regardless of what anyone else is doing with theirs.
  • Stay focused on what you want and leave them be.
  • We weren’t supposed to ever all agree! Life’s a buffet, and we’re each choosing our own reality!

Having said that, I’ll admit I’ve used some of the following techniques myself when my muggles became heavy to handle …

Educate & Invite:

1. Let them know what you believe, practice and desire. If they know why you’re doing it, why it matters to you, they may become more supportive.

2. Suggest resources they might be receptive to. Do they have a person they admire who practices it, like an athlete or business person? Would they be able to hear a scientific approach versus a spiritual one? How about The Quantum Revelation by Paul Levy who brings spiritual and science together? Or How to Change Your Universe by Jon Gabriel. They might also hear Gregg Braden or Joe Dispenza, if not Abraham, Bashar, or P’taah.

3. Ask for their support. Just straight up requesting that they stop opposing your beliefs and efforts might make the difference.

4. Set a boundary. I explained the IRIR formula for setting boundaries (inform, request, insist, remove) in the podcast episode, but it’s basically where you draw a line and refuse to accept behavior that violates your personal boundaries. It sounds like a muggly approach, but I’ve seen it make a difference.

5. Show them the evidence from their own experience. Point out where they’re using their powers for good and how well it serves. Positive reinforcement can help!

Besides educating and inviting, you can put your own magic to work on the situation …

Use Your Magic on Them:

6. Upgrade your story of them. People live up to and down to our expectations all day long. Instead of knowing them to be in opposition to your manifesting efforts, imagine them cooperative. Don’t forget that you’re co-creating your experience of them!

7. Sneak them into alignment. You can ask helpful questions and offer effective redirects, like: How would you like this to go? What would be your idea of a good time? What did you like about it? I used to just ask my ex: Tell me the good news.

8. Hold strong. Remember you can set the vibrational tone in the room. Stand strong in your positive focus and entrain them into yours instead of you getting swept up into theirs. Let them see your m.o. at work. When you stick to your good vibe they’ll either make an exit or come around.

9. Clean up your act. Conscious creators know we can’t experience what we’re not the vibration of. (One of my favorite spiritual teachers says, “Everything out there is just you pushed out.”) So when someone reflects this attitude to you, it can be a good chance to look in the mirror and adjust any lingering doubts or frustrations within.

10. Call for divine intervention. If it really feels like nothing else can be done, you can at the very least invoke higher power to help. You can send them love, shower them with light, or just ask your angels to talk to their angels. That can remedy a lot of stuff when nothing else works.

And if you’re thinking, none of this will work, then I’d say yours is the attitude worth adjusting. Your using your focus to create exactly what you don’t want. And I know you can do better than that!

Mind your own business. Tend to your own alignment work, and don’t blame anyone else for why you can’t feel better or hold a good vibe.

I know some are easier to do that with than others, but you’ll build some really good focusing muscle with a partner like this! And in that sense, they’re the best training partner you could ask for.

Listen at the podcast.

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